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Murphy Anderson (b. July 9, 1926 – d.October 23, 2015) was a comic book artist.

Professional History

Murphy Anderson was a professional comic book artist, best known for his inking work. He started working in the mid-40s for Fiction House. During the 50s, Anderson worked for many other comic book publishers including DC Comics. He often worked with friends such as Carmine Infantino, John Broome, Curt Swan and Gardner Fox. Later in the 60's he started working exclusively for DC Comics and he was one of the artists responsible for the redesign of classic heroes such as Green Lantern, Flash, Batman and Hawkman.

In 1973, Anderson established his own company "Murphy Anderson Visual Concepts", which provided color separations and lettering for comic books.

Personal History

Anderson briefly attended the University of North Carolina in 1943. He had two daughters and one son with his wife, Helen.

Anderson died in Somerset, New Jersey on October 22, 2015, at the age of 89, of heart failure.

Work History


  • Anderson has been awarded with the "Alley Award" for Best Inker and he was also an inducted into the "Jack Kirby Hall of Fame"

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