The Murray Group was a league of extraordinary gentlemen (and one lady) formed in 1898 by the British Empire's MI5 to perform secret missions for the Crown.


The team was named for its field leader, Wilhelmina Murray, who assembled the group under directions from her handler, Campion Bond. The operation was overseen by the director of MI5, the mysterious "M".

The original members of the group were Miss Murray, legendary explorer Allan Quatermain, the mysterious "science-pirate" Captain Nemo, the timid chemist Doctor Henry Jekyll and his monstrous alter ego Edward Hyde, and the "invisible man" Hawley Griffin.

Following a battle with the insidious Fu Manchu in which "M" was revealed to be the master criminal Professor James Moriarty, in which Moriarty apparently died, leadership of MI5 passed to a new "M", Mycroft Holmes. Shortly thereafter, beings from another planet attacked England, forcing the Murray Group back into action. In the ensuing war of the worlds, although England won, Hyde and Griffin both lost their lives and Nemo quit the team, leaving only Quatermain and Murray, who took a year off from active service to recuperate.

Over the next dozen years, Murray and Quatermain traveled the world on various missions for MI5. Traveling to Arkham, Massachusetts, they investigated otherworldly occurrences with occultist Randolph Carter. On an expedition to Africa, Quatermain appeared to die of old age, but was replaced by his long-lost son, Allan Junior (in reality, "Allan Junior" was the elder Quatermain himself, magically rejuvenated by the Flames of Immortality). A diplomatic mission to Russia turned into a mission of exploration throughout Asia, in which the now-immortal Murray and Quatermain befriended a fellow immortal, Orlando, and together explored the Arctic. Finally, Mina and Allan faced Miss Murray's tragic past on a journey to eastern Europe, investigating Castle Dracula and Selene, the City of Vampires.

A new Murray Group was put together in 1913 to combat their French counterparts, Les Hommes Mysterieux. The team finally disbanded after World War II, in protest of Britain's oppressive new Ingsoc government.

In 1958, following the end of the Ingsoc government, Murray and Quatermain broke into the former MI5 headquarters and absconded with the Black Dossier, consisting of the secret history of their league and its predecessors throughout history.


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