Murray "The Spider" Serrintella was once the greatest second-story man in the history of crime. Using a special harness of his own invention, Murray was able to scale the sides of high-rise buildings and rob apartments several stories off the ground. Eventually, his actions came to the attention of the local mob bosses, who wanted Murray to work for them. When Murray refused, the mob set up an accident. During his next heist, a mob enforcer shot Murray, destroying his harness and breaking his back. Now paralyzed from the waist down, Murray speant his time in prison redesigning his invention into a special prosthetic. When he was finally let out of jail, Murray took his revenge on the local organized crime syndicates and took their place as the biggest crimelord in the city. Eventually, his capers came to the attention of new superhero, The Fly, who would frequently clash with him.


A natural inventor and technician, Serrintella is able to devise and create various high-tech weapons and devices quite easily.


Murray uses a special spider-legged prosthetic to help him get around quite nimbly for a handicapped man of his advancing age.



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