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Quote1.png And so for me its destiny to be the maestro of villainy! Yes, I'm the Music Meister, and I'm here to settle the score! Quote2.png
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Music Meister was a villain who could entrance people with his singing.

Music Meister claimed he was bullied as a child, because he sang in choir. But he soon discovered that when he sang higher, that he could hypnotize people. He thus used his newly discovered talents to control the people that had bullied him and planned "to settle the score".

He used his powers to get Black Canary, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Black Manta, Gorilla Grodd and Clock King to hijack a United Nations' communications satellite, launching it into space after they installed a device for him. When Batman intervened, he ordered them to attack the hero, which they did in a dance style reminiscent of West Side Story. His plan successful, the Meister frustrated Batman once more, escaping by forcing his captives to dance toward the rocket blast, making the hero rescue them rather than apprehend the villain. Meister escaped to an empty opera house where, in a parody of Phantom of the Opera, he played the organ to a cardboard audience. Batman tried to capture him on a cross-town chase while he sang "Drives us Bats", eventually releasing prison inmates (including villains seen from past episodes) to attack the heroes. Having heard Black Canary sing, he had also fallen for her, but not enough to give up villainy, and she rejected him. Meister managed to capture Batman and Black Canary and put them in a death trap. They escaped as Music Meister hypnotized the world with his music (with help of the satellite). When Black Canary became his slave, Batman got the satellite to transmit her sonic scream which broke Music Meister's mind control and freed everyone. Batman then finally got his hands on the Meister, decking him with a single punch to the jaw.

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  • Hypnosis: The Meister's main power is his singing voice, which creates a pitch so high that it hypnotizes people. In their state of hypnosis, it causes his victims to sing and dance too.



  • Music Bike: He is also seen riding on a motorcycle shaped liked paired eighth notes; at one point, the cycle splits into a pair of Segway-like scooters, now resembling separate notes (he and Batman race across telephone wires, like notes in the song being sung during the chase).


  • Music Rod: He has a rod (roughly-shaped like conductor's baton) that can fire energy blasts shaped like music sheets.



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