This is an in-universe fictional character or team. They are all technically fictional characters in comic books, but this one is considered to be fictional within the fictional comic book universe.
Quote1 They think we are gang. They think we just noisy kids. But soon they see we are the future we are the law! I myself who kill the fool Batman! I will rip the meat from his bones and suck them to dried! Gotham City belongs to the Mutants! Quote2
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The Mutant Leader was, as his title implies, the boss of the Mutant Gang.


  • Claws/Fangs: Mutant Leader modified his nails and teeth to become as sharp as blades.


  • Leadership : Able to raise a street gang into a militant force that threatened all of Gotham, the Mutant Leader has shown himself to be an effective leader.
  • Peak Human Condition : Having just enough muscle not to slow him down, the Mutant Leader has displayed great strength and speed when fighting Batman, being able to over power the dark knight with ease in they're confrotation
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)




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