Quote1 They call us a gang. They call us a mob. They think we just noisy kids. Only when they die by our hands and see their women raped will they know... we have the strength-- we have the will-- and now we have the guns. Gotham City belongs to the Mutants! Quote2
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The Mutant Leader was, as his title implies, the boss of the Mutant Gang.

After Batman attacked the gang at their headquarters, the Gotham City dump, in the Batmobile, the Mutant Leader called him a coward for using rubber bullets and for hiding in the Batmobile. This caused the Dark Knight to get out of the tank and fight the Mutant Leader, despite Alfred's protests. The Mutant brutally beat Batman, but just as he was about to kill him, Carrie Kelley, wearing a Robin outfit, provided a distraction, which was enough for Batman to subdue the brute. In prison, the mayor of Gotham tried to negotiate with the Mutant Leader, only to be murdered by him.

Later, following a plan conceived by Batman, Commissioner Gordon released him. Ending up near a sewer outlet, where his gang had assembled, the Leader is ambushed by Batman. Whereas during their first battle Batman tried to match the Leader physically, the second time he used his strategic mind to defeat him.

Following the Mutant Leader's defeat, the Mutant Gang split into several gangs, one of which was the Sons of Batman.


  • Claws/Fangs: Mutant Leader modified his nails and teeth to become as sharp as blades.


  • Leadership - Able to raise a street gang into a militant force that threatened all of Gotham, the Mutant Leader has shown himself to be an effective leader.
  • Peak Human Condition - Having just enough muscle not to slow him down, the Mutant Leader has displayed great strength and speed when fighting Batman, being able to over power the dark knight with ease in there first confrontation.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced) - A savage fighter, the Mutant Leader was able to match an aged Batman blow for blow, and even out brawled him in their first fight. However, in their second bout, Batman was able to beat him using tactics and the environment.




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