Quote1.png Don't call us a gang. Don't call us criminals. We are the law. We are the future. Gotham City belongs to the Mutants. Soon the world will be ours. Quote2.png
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The Mutants are a youth gang that surfaced sometime after Batman's retirement.


Their brutal methods, advanced weaponry and vast numbers made them too big a threat for the GCPD to handle on their own. After coming out of retirement and subduing Harvey Dent, Batman went after the Mutants and managed to inspire Carrie Kelly to become Robin. Batman tracked the Mutants down to the local scrap heap, where the Mutant Leader was rousing them to conquer Gotham City. Batman, in his heavily-armored Batmobile, ordered the Mutants to stand down before forcing them down with rubber bullets and other disarming weaponry. The Mutant Leader challenged Batman to a fist fight and would have killed him if not for Robin's intervention. The Mutant Leader and his army were then arrested. The Mutants who escaped the conflict threatened Gotham, willing to do anything to set their leader free. Batman arranged for all the Mutants to be in one place where he released the Mutant Leader. Batman and the Mutant Leader then foughteach other, but the older, wiser Batman triumphed over the hot-headed brute. The Mutants, disillusioned from witnessing the fight, broke off into splinter groups. One of these called themselves "The Sons of Batman".

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