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In the past, Jonathan and Martha dig up a mysterious metallic platform hidden beneath their lawn in front of a young Clark. According to Jonathan and Martha, Clark came from the sky, and the platform emits a hologram of a man who stars speaking in a strange language that Clark doesn't understand.

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Adventures of a Normal Man: Part 2 is an episode of season 1 of My Adventures with Superman. It premiered on July 7, 2023.

Synopsis for "Adventures of a Normal Man Pt. 2"

In the past, Jonathan and Martha dig up a mysterious metallic platform hidden beneath their lawn in front of a young Clark. According to Jonathan and Martha, Clark came from the sky, and the platform emits a hologram of a man who stars speaking in a strange language that Clark doesn't understand. As the platform begins to open the ground beneath it, Martha loses her balance and almost falls into a pit, until Clark saves her. The platform shuts down and a scared Clark uses a shovel to bury it again. Clark doesn't want to see the platform again and his parents accept his decision.

In the present, Lois brings Clark and Jimmy to an abandoned office that the team will claim as their base of operations. As their first mission, Lois wants to continue investigating Superman, while Jimmy has already opened up his own video stream, Flamebird, as a way to further their investigations. Although he is nervous about what could happen should his identity be revealed, Clark agrees to help Lois and Jimmy discover the truth about Superman because that is something Clark himself must also know. Feigning sickness, Clark leaves the office while Lois takes Jimmy on a mission to find the woman that tried to kill them, considering her the best way to find Superman.

Meanwhile, Willis attempts to keep a low profile in the streets of Metropolis until she is attacked by two gunfighters. Willis incapacitates her attackers and uses their communication device to send a message to their boss: he should meet her alone at the Metropolis Bistro or she will destroy the technology he wanted her to steal in the first place.

Clark returns to the Kent farm and tells Martha about Lois, how he used his powers in front of her and, now, she calls him "Superman". Clark informs Martha that he is ready to learn about who he really is and where he comes from. He digs up the platform, which has grown larger since the last time he saw it, and activates it. The hologram of the strange man appears before Clark, but Clark is unable to understand what the hologram is talking about. The hologram manifests an image of a faraway planet devastated by war. Clark watches the man from the hologram take a child from his mother and place him into a spaceship moments before the planet explodes. Clark realizes he just watched his own past and, suddenly, he is enveloped by a mysterious blue light. As the light fades, Clark finds himself back at the Kent farm, wearing a blue suit with a red cape.

Lois and Jimmy go to the salvage docks to find the ship Willis had stolen to escape from Metropolis. Although she ship has been wrecked, Lois and Jimmy find tracks leading to the sewers. They follow the tracks, thinking they can find Willis and her stolen equipment. As they explore the tunnel, they find that Willis has planted explosives beneath the streets.

Willis meets up with a mysterious man at the Metropolis Bistro and tells him to remove him from his hit-list, lest she detonates the explosives she has planted. The mysterious man, however, is not intimidated by her threat and tells Willis that she has no idea of how powerful the technology she acquired is.

Lois and Jimmy emerge from the sewers and find themselves in the Bistro, right next to Willis, who believes that the mysterious man set her up. Angry, she attempts to detonate her explosives, but the stranger knocks the detonator out of her hands. To fight the stranger, Willis uses a special harness that allows her to control electricity, while Lois attempts to grab the detonator.

Martha realizes that Clark is truly the Superman that Lois has described, but she thinks her new suit needs some modifications. She adds a yellow belt and a pair of red trunks to the suit, while Jonathan tells Clark that he got a call from his friend Jimmy. As he listens to the call, Clark realizes his friends are in trouble, so he flies back in Metropolis, just in time to save them from a rampaging Willis.

Superman confronts Willis, who attempts to use her electric powers to detonate the explosives, until the stranger damages her harness and causes a chain reaction that threatens to destroy the city. Superman disables the harness by destroying its power source. He also repairs the collateral damage caused by the battle. Lois and Jimmy present their story to Perry, who agrees to run their story.

Clark returns to his apartment and hides his suit beneath his pillow until he suddenly gets a visit from Lois, who informs him that Perry agreed to run their story. Clark congratulates her for a job well done, until Jimmy gives them a copy for tomorrow's newspaper. Unfortunately, Perry has attributed to their story to a completely different group of reporters, much to Lois' outrage.

Meanwhile, Willis has been captured and taken to a secret facility, where she is interrogated by a stranger, who is revealed to be an agent for a secret government organization. Willis claims that the stolen technology has already been claimed by criminals from all over Metropolis, but the agent doesn't care about that. Instead, he wants Willis to tell him everything she knows about Superman.

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Other Characters

  • Anthony Ivo (First appearance; unnamed) (In picture only) (Cameo)
  • Badger (In a photograph only) (On a TV or computer screen) (Cameo)
  • Kryptonians (First appearance)
    • Kryptonian Army (First appearance) (In a vision) (Cameo)
    • Lara (First appearance; unnamed) (Dies in flashback)
  • Metropolis Police Department (Behind the scenes)
  • AmazoTech (Mentioned only)
  • Cat Grant (Mentioned only)
  • Flip Johnson (Mentioned only)
  • OMACs (Destroyed) (Mentioned only)
  • Ronnie Troupe (Mentioned only)
  • Steve Lombard (Mentioned only)
  • Task Force X (Mentioned only)
  • United States Army (Mentioned only)



  • Energy Crystal (First appearance) (Destroyed)
  • Jimmy Olsen's Camera
  • Superman's Costume (First appearance) (Origin)




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