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Many years ago, at the Kent farm, Clark was trying to retrieve his kite, which had been stuck in a tree. Suddenly, he hears a car speeding off into a tree. The driver, a mother tending to her child, had become distracted and didn't see where she was going. Moving at super-speed, Clark intercepts t

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Clark Kent

Adventures of a Normal Man Pt. 1 is an episode of season 1 of My Adventures with Superman. It premiered on July 7, 2023.

Synopsis for "Adventures of a Normal Man Part 1"

Many years ago, at the Kent farm, Clark was trying to retrieve his kite, which had been stuck in a tree. Suddenly, he hears a car speeding off into a tree. The driver, a mother tending to her child, had become distracted and didn't see where she was going. Moving at super-speed, Clark intercepts the car and is able to slow it down before it hits the tree. As the car drives off, Clark attempts once again to retrieve his kite. Not only does he succeed, he also unlocks the power of flight. Excited, Clark begins to fly above the Kent farm until he begins to wonder how he can do all of these amazing things and what kind of person he really is.

In the present, Clark, now an adult, shares an apartment with his best friend, Jimmy Olsen. He and Jimmy prepare to their first day at work at the Daily Planet, but first, they make a stop at a convenience store, where Clark comes across Lois Lane, who already works at the Daily Planet. The owner, already acquainted with Clark, gives him a huge pack of donuts he had already ordered. The owner ends up embarrassing Clark in front of Lois, causing a nervous Clark to grab his order and leave to avoid further embarrassment. Already late for work, Clark and Jimmy run across the street and Clark uses his super-speed to save Jimmy from being hit by a truck.

At the Daily Planet, Lois presents her story to her boss, Perry White. According to Lois, a cargo of military robots had been stolen from a top-secret warehouse and now, criminals are armed with military-grade equipment. Frustrated, Perry tells Lois that only called her to his office so she could meet the newest interns: Clark and Jimmy. Although they are initially surprised they have already met, Clark and Lois do agree to work together to investigate her story.

Perry simply wants Lois to keep an eye on the new interns as they learn to scan things and make coffee. As the interns leave Perry's office, however, Lois lies about Perry's instructions and instead invites them to investigate the story about the military robots.

Meanwhile, Leslie Willis, one of the criminals responsible for the theft of the military robots, meets up with her partner, Badger, and informs him that the party who wanted to buy the stolen robots did not meet her at their designated rendezvous point. Badger says they can't just remain hidden in a warehouse with stolen equipment, for the cops might show up at any minute, and Willis says they will have to switch to plan B.

To investigate the stolen robots, Clark, Lois and Jimmy go to the convenience store and meet up with one of Lois' contacts: a group of children who work in delivery service for the Daily Planet. Their leader, Flip Johnson, calls the group "the Newskid Legion". One of the Newskids, Gabby, saw a group of garbage trucks running a red light. Clark and Lois believe the thieves must be using these trucks to transport their stolen goods in plain sight.

The Daily Planet interns deduce the trucks arrived at a warehouse located at Metropolis' docks. Suddenly, Lois gets multiple text messages from Perry, who insists that the interns return to the Daily Planet immediately, but Lois insists on following the story. As the interns access the warehouse, they realize the robots had already been removed. Clark gets a phone call from Perry, who once again insists the interns return to the Daily Planet. Clark confronts Lois about lying to Perry and Lois, desperate to investigate her story, replies that Clark and Jimmy wouldn't have followed her if she had told them the truth. Clark, however, is disappointed that Lois put her ambitions over her co-workers' feelings and departs from the docks, leaving Lois and Jimmy to continue the investigation on their own.

Jimmy tells Lois not to be so harsh on Clark and Lois feels bad for lying to Clark and being selfish about her work. In that moment, Lois and Jimmy spot Willis and her minions loading the robots into a ship, ready to leave Metropolis. Willis catches a glimpse of the young reporters and shoots them, while one of the thieves one of the robots. Flip, who was riding her bicycle, watches Lois and Jimmy getting chased by the robots and attempts to find Clark. She tells him what happened and Clark quickly goes to the docks in an attempt to help them.

Clark realizes that he can only save his friends with his powers, so he grabs a jacket with a hood from a locker room to keep his face hidden. Through great effort, Clark disables one of the robots, but Willis activates more robots to cover her escape. Clark finds himself overwhelmed by the robots, but Lois reaches the robots' containers and uses their panels to deactivate the robots one-by-one. The last remaining robot destroys its own container before Lois can use it, but Clark recovers long enough to destroy it. Not wanting Lois to see his face while using his powers, Clark switches clothes at super-speed, making it seem to Lois and Jimmy that he and the flying man are two separate people.

Jimmy has already taken pictures of the "Superman", as Lois calls him, and the interns present their story to Perry, who agrees to run their story when Jimmy has taken proper photos of Superman, as the photos he took at the docks were blurred. Clark, relieved that his identity is still a secret, chooses to work alongside Lois and Jimmy and says they are a team and an enthusiastic Lois chooses to focus their next story on Superman.

Appearing in "Adventures of a Normal Man Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Daily Planet staff (First appearance)
  • Newskid Newspaper/"Newskid Legion" (First appearance)
    • Big Words (First appearance)
    • Flip Johnson (First appearance)
    • Gaby (First appearance)
    • Patti (First appearance)


  • Leslie Willis (First appearance)
    • Badger (First appearance)
    • Brad (Single appearance; dies)
    • OMACs (First appearance; unnamed)

Other Characters



  • Jimmy Olsen's Camera


  • Trucks


  • According to a sign, the Kent Farm is 4 miles from Smallville, 52 miles from Baker, and 198 miles from Metropolis.
    • Metropolis is depicted as a coastal city, indicating it is much further away.
  • Clark is mistakenly wearing his tie after Lois finds it under rubble.


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