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Clark has a nightmare in which Nemesis Omega, the mysterious Kryptonian warrior, he saw during Zero Day kills Lois and Jimmy and devastates the Earth. He is further horrified upon watching Omega retract his helment and reveal himself to have Clark's own face. Clark awakens from his nightmare and fli

Quote1 That rock is the only thing that can destroy my ship and close the portal. Quote2
Superman (Clark Kent)

Hearts of the Fathers is an episode of season 1 of My Adventures with Superman. It premiered on September 1, 2023.

Synopsis for "Hearts of the Fathers"

Clark has a nightmare in which Nemesis Omega, the mysterious Kryptonian warrior, he saw during Zero Day kills Lois and Jimmy and devastates the Earth. He is further horrified upon watching Omega retract his helment and reveal himself to have Clark's own face. Clark awakens from his nightmare and flies back to the spaceship that brought him to Earth in the first place. Once inside, Superman confronts the hologram of his father and tells him that Superman knows that Kryptonians already tried to conquer Earth, but Superman won't let that happen. If Krypton attempts to try to conquer Earth again, Superman will do whatever it takes to protect his home. The unnamed Kryptonian tries to explain himself to Superman, but they are separated by a language barrier and Superman has already departed from the ship. The unnammed Kryptonian refers to Superman as "son", revealing himself to be Superman's father.

Hours later, Clark and Lois prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner in Smallville with the Kent family and Jimmy. Lois has even invited her father to their dinner. As the intern trio watch the fossilized remains of the Parasite armor still standing on Metropolis' streets, Clark tells Lois and Jimmy that he wants to find the General, shocking his friends, for the General tried to kill Clark. Even so, Clark believes that if the people of Krypton attack the Earth again, maybe the General can provide some kind of assistance against the invaders. Clark goes to buy coffee, while Jimmy asks Lois if Clark already knows about File X. Lois wants to keep File X secret from Clark, but Jimmy reminds Lois that they already had agreed not to keep secrets from each other.

The interns make their way to the Daily Planet, where they find that Perry has printed their official story as a team and promoted them to full reporters. They even get their own cubicles. Clark and Lois are allowed to leave work early, but Perry needs to talk to Jimmy about Flamebird. Jonathan and Martha warmly receive Lois into their home and thank her for always standing by Clark's side.

As Clark helps Jonathan work on dinner, Lois reluctantly agrees to help Clark find the General, just as she gets a call from her father that he has arrived at the Kent house. This makes Lois nervous, a feeling Clark shares when he opens the door and realizes that the General and Lois' father, Sam, are the same person. As Sam goes to the living room, Clark struggles to maintain his composure in front of the man who tortured him and tried to kill him. Sam doesn't know that Clark and Superman are the same person but believes that he has seen Clark before, something that Clark nervously denies.

Lois tries to have a conversation with her father, who admits that he hasn't read any of her stories because he has been busy with work. Suddenly, Jimmy arrives at the Kent house but everyone continuously talks to him about their problems. Frustrated, Jimmy attempts to have a private conversation with Clark and Lois so they can stop keeping secrets around each other and be mature for once. He also brought Lois' handbag from the Daily Planet.

As Lois grabs her bag, the sphere containing File X falls into the ground and Clark picks it up, only to watch the hologram of the evil Superman from an alternate universe. Lois is forced to admit that she got that file from the League of Lois Lanes and tries to comfort Clark over this, saying that he is a good person. Before Clark can react, however, he gets exposed to the small green crystal from the sphere and starts feeling sick and disoriented. Jimmy notices that the crystal is hurting Clark, so he puts it back into the sphere.

Unfortunately, Clark's ship has already detected the presence of the mysterious green element, identified as Kryptonite by the father, and starts rising from the ground and deploying robots across the Kent farm. Sam, believing that the invaders behind Zero Day have returned, requests assistance from Task Force X, while Clark evacuates his parents from the farm. While Jimmy attempts to escape from the robots, he discovers that the robots are negatively affected by the green crystal.

While Sam fights the robots, Lois overhears his requests for backup and discovers that he is the General that tried to kill Superman. Lois is horrified that his father tried to kill the man she loves and goes to help Superman before Sam can get a chance to explain himself. As the intern trio reunites in another part of the cornfields, Jimmy explains to Superman and Lois that the robots are weak to the green crystal.

Suddenly, the ship opens up a portal that will allow dozens of other ships to reach the Earth. Superman, realizing that the green crystal can be used to destroy his ship, asks Lois to give the crystal to him, but Lois doesn't want Superman to sacrifice himself. Superman takes the sphere containing the crystal and shares what could be his final kiss with Lois before flying towards the ship.

Superman pushes the ship into low orbit and tears his way inside, where his attacked by dozens of robots. Fortunately, the hologram of his father neutralizes the robots and Superman reaches the ship's heart. Despite the extreme physical pain caused by the crystal, Superman uses it to destroy the ship's heart, an action that closes the portal and cleaves the ship itself in half. One half falls back into Earth, while Superman remains trapped in the other half. His father puts him in a capsule, which then falls back to Earth while the rest of the ship is destroyed.

Superman has been left heavily injured by the experience and Sam attempts to shoot him with the Omega Cannon, but Lois pleads for Superman's life, saying that whatever Sam thinks of Superman is wrong. He is a hero and he just risked his life to protect humanity. Sam says that he is trying to protect Lois, but she replies that she doesn't need him to protect her. She just needs to listen to what she has to say. Sam finally gets a response from Task Force X, but he tells them to stand down. It was just a false alarm. He then leaves the farm while Lois goes on to help Superman recover from his injuries.

Later that night, Clark, his friends and family celebrate Thanksgiving together and Jimmy reveals that he sold Flamebird to the Daily Planet for five million dollars. He is now rich, much to the suprise of his friends.

Meanwhile, in another region of space, a mysterious robotic entity observes the events from Earth. He tells his companion, a Kryptonian warrior, that this planet has resisted their efforts of conquest. This warrior, who carries the same symbol as that of Superman, says that their resistance is irrelevant, for in the end, Earth will kneel.

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