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At Lois' apartment, she prepares to depart for the camping trip Jimmy had invited her and Clark to. She calls Jimmy but gets no answer. As she walks to her door, she comes across Clark, who asks for her help in finding Jimmy. He had already flown over the camp site but found no trace of Jimmy. Lois

Quote1 I have to stay. I have to believe that this world can be a place where everyone's accepted and... I need to help it get there. Quote2
Clark Kent

My Adventures with Mad Science is an episode of season 1 of My Adventures with Superman. It premiered on August 4, 2023.

Synopsis for "My Adventures with Mad Science"

At Lois' apartment, she prepares to depart for the camping trip Jimmy had invited her and Clark to. She calls Jimmy but gets no answer. As she walks to her door, she comes across Clark, who asks for her help in finding Jimmy. He had already flown over the camp site but found no trace of Jimmy. Lois reluctantly agrees to help Clark for Jimmy's sake.

Making their way into the forest, Clark and Lois attempt to track Jimmy down. Lois explains that her father taught her to survive in the wilderness when she was a child. Suddenly, they find a fence surrounding a restricted area. While Lois crosses the fence through a broken section, Clark wonders how did he miss the fence when he explored the area from he sky, but as he crosses the fence, he starts feeling weaker. As he looks up above, he realizes the area is surrounded by some kind of energy field. Lois tells Clark that she found Jimmy's phone, which still contains Jimmy's last video. In the video, they see some kind of gorilla-like creature kidnapping Jimmy.

As Clark and Lois venture deeper into the restricted the area, they find damaged military equipment hovering above a field. Lois reads the name "Cadmus" written on a sign and suddenly remembers that she had heard the name before. She plays one of Jimmy's videos and finds a reference to Cadmus and a secret government location known as Area 52. In the video, Jimmy talks about his excitement about sharing his discoveries with his friends, causing Clark and Lois to feel bad for ignoring Jimmy.

Lois asks Clark if he had ever told Jimmy the truth about him but Clark denies it. Clark feels insecure about his sharing his secret with anyone, but Lois asks him when he will ever feel secure about telling the truth about himself. She even asks Clark if his feelings for her are true, but before the conversation can continue, they are attacked by robots. He attempts to punch one of the robots, but the robot is unharmed. The robots combine into a single, larger robot and Clark grabs Lois and attempts to fly, but he can only stay airborne for a few seconds before he plummets back into the ground. He realizes that his powers are somehow becoming weaker.

During their escape, Clark and Lois accidentally activate a laser fence that destroys the robot. Unfortunately, they also activate a cannon that almost kills Lois, until Clark destroys it, while sustaining a few shallow injuries himself. Lois is worried that Clark is injuried, but Clark insists on continuing their search.

Meanwhile, Jimmy awakens in some kind of laboratory, where he is interrogated by his two kidnappers, the Brain and Monsieur Mallah. The Brain, believing Jimmy to be a spy, attempts to kill Jimmy, but Jimmy isn't afraid. Instead, he is happy that his crazy conspiracy theories were true. Mallah, intrigued by Jimmy's comments, asks him if he would like to talk about it, surprising the Brain.

Mallah welcomes Jimmy into his secret lab, Cadmus, much to the Brain's displeasure. While Jimmy excitedly watches the lab's experiments and technology, the Brain still thinks that inviting a stranger into their home was a bad idea, but Mallah is just glad to have someone to talk to after spending decades alone in the forest. Perhaps things have changed after 22 years. When Jimmy asks about what happened 22 years ago, Mallah explains that he and the Brain were members of Cadmus, a secret government organization that experimented with alien technology. Although Cadmus was tasked with developing weapons, they were more interested in developing technology that would change the world for the better. Mallah was just an ordinary gorilla that was granted super-intelligence by a young scientist that would become his lover, the Brain.

Unfortunately, the government realized Cadmus was not using the technology the way they wanted it, so they sent Task Force X, a secret black ops team, to eliminate Cadmus. As Mallah and his lover attempted to escape, Task Force X accidentally destabilized one of their experiments, an unstable black hole, and caused a huge explosion that partially destroyed a mountain. The Brain lost his body but Mallah was able to implant his brain into a cybernetic body.

Jimmy feels he can understand what the Brain and Mallah went through because he, too, felt abandoned by the people he once trusted. Mallah tells Jimmy that if he wants his friends to respect him, Jimmy needs to speak his mind and if it doesn't work, he can just live with the Brain and Mallah, despite the Brain's objections. While the Brain and Mallah argue, Jimmy continues to explore the lab and finds a room containing a black hole, similar to the one Mallah had described earlier.

Mallah admits that Task Force X didn't distablize their previous black hole. Instead, the Brain and Mallah detonated it to cover their own escape. Since then, they have been working on perfecting it and turning into a wormhole, a portal to alternate dimensions. Their hope is to find a dimension in which they are accepted, not feared. Jimmy thinks that creating a black hole is dangerous, but Mallah explains that as long as the lab gets enough power, it should be safe.

Clark and Lois finally find Cadmus' lab, but they are attacked by the Brain and Mallah, until Jimmy defuses the situation by explaining to the Brain and Mallah that Clark and Lois are his friends. Brain and Mallah agree to let Jimmy talk with his friends and Clark gets ready to admit to Jimmy that he is Superman, but Jimmy reveals that he has known since freshman year. He just didn't say anything because it seemed like a sensitive subject for Clark and just wanted Clark to be honest with him. Lois is angered that Jimmy always knew about Clark and didn't tell her, while Jimmy is angered that Clark told Lois but didn't tell him, a situation that frustrates Clark.

The intern trio is attacked by robots, identified by the Brain as O.M.A.C.s, created by Task Force X. Mallah awakens his army of mutants to defend the facility. As they fight the robots, Jimmy asks Clark why didn't he tell him or Lois about his powers and Clark admits that he was scared. All he ever wanted was to be normal and he didn't want his friends to treat him like an alien. Lois and Jimmy say that Clark is their friend because of who he is, not because of what he is. They just want him to be open with them.

When he hears the word "open", Mallah gets an idea on how to stabilize the black hole. He opens the black hole's containment field and allows it to consume the O.M.A.C.s. so it can reach critical mass. The plan works and the black hole becomes a portal to an alternate dimension. The Brain realizes that the O.M.A.C.s only reactivated when they detected Clark, just like the energy field affected Clark. This means that the technology Cadmus had acquired reacts when Clark is present. Whatever happened 22 years ago is connected to Clark. That makes him a target to Task Force X and their leader, a man that would do whatever it takes to protect his country.

He invites Clark to come with him and Mallah to their new world, where they can be safe from people that would fear and hate them, but Clark decides to stay because he wants to fight to make a better world for the people he cares about. The Brain and Mallah depart for their new world, while Clark and his friends return home.

Sometime later, the General visits the destroyed remains of Cadmus, alongside Dr. Ivo, who has been disfigured by his usage of the Parasite suit and outfitted by a collar. The General admits that his mission on Cadmus was his first operation, and the first hard call he had to make. He wants Ivo's help in utilizing whatever's left of Cadmus' technology so they can destroy Superman and Ivo, thirsty for revenge, agrees.

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  • Brain (First appearance) (Flashback and main story)
    • Cadmus' Mutants (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Loch Ness Monster (First appearance) (Model) (Flashback and main story)
  • Monsieur Mallah (Real name revealed) (First full appearance) (Flashback and main story)


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