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High into Metropolis' skies, a blimp crashes into a building and its pilot is thrown out of the cockpit and into the streets below. Fortunately, Superman saves the pilot and prevents a steel beam from hitting a crowd of bystanders, just in time for Lois to rush into the scene and ask for an intervie

Quote1 If you can face down a city-destroying freeze ray, I think I can answer a couple of questions. Quote2

My Interview with Superman is an episode of season 1 of My Adventures with Superman. It premiered on July 14, 2023.

Synopsis for "My Interview with Superman"

High into Metropolis' skies, a blimp crashes into a building and its pilot is thrown out of the cockpit and into the streets below. Fortunately, Superman saves the pilot and prevents a steel beam from hitting a crowd of bystanders, just in time for Lois to rush into the scene and ask for an interview with Superman, who is not yet ready for an interview and instead excuses himself, saying that he still needs to take care of the damaged blimp.

Meanwhile, two criminals, Kyle Nimbus and Rough House, have acquired technologically advanced weapons, the same weapons stolen by Leslie Willis, and used them to break into Stryker's Island. There, they easily release their associate, Siobhan McDougal, from her cell and gift her with a special sound-amplifying helmet, which she uses to facilitate their escape.

Clark returns to the Daily Planet and meets up with Lois, who is still frustrated over losing the opportunity to have an interview with Superman. As they get to their office, they find that Steve Lombard, Cat Grant and Ronnie Troupe have been assigned by Perry to investigate Superman and have even taken all the material Clark, Lois and Jimmy had gathered for their own investigation. Lois takes this as a challenge to write a story about Superman before Steve, Cat and Ronnie do. Suddenly, a TV broadcast from Bethany Snow reports the breakout from Stryker's Island and Clark thinks this is a good way to distract Lois and Jimmy from their Superman story.

Meanwhile, the criminals from Stryker's Island, having called themselves "Intergang", return to their base of operations, an abandoned gym, to test out their latest weapon, a giant freezing cannon. Although the weapon initially malfunctions, Intergang decides the use it for their next crime.

Clark, Lois and Jimmy make their way to Stryker's Island to get an interview with the warden about the breakout. As Clark wonders how are they gonna get that interview, Lois reveals that she stole press passes from Steve, Cat and Ronnie. Clark is shocked that Lois would resort to stealing just to get a story, but Lois says that they have no choice now: either they investigate the breakout or they get back to the Daily Planet to keep working on their Superman story and Clark, not wanting to compromise his secret identity goes along with her plan.

They get information from Warden Ellis about Intergang, a trio of small-time criminals that has been stealing from convenience stores. Suddenly, Ellis gets a phone call from the prison's entrance guards that she will get a visit from reporters from the Daily Planet. Clark, Lois and Jimmy realize they have been discovered and attempt to escape but suddenly come across the site of the breakout, Siobhan's cell. There, Lois discovers a note written by Siobhan, a note that has times written on them.

As they escape from the prison, Clark and Lois realize that Siobhan must have been planning Intergang's latest crime: a robbery at the Metropolitan City Bank. Jimmy has also deduce that the times written on Siobhan's notes must be the times in which armored cars arrive at the banks with cash transfers and the next transfer will happen within the next 15 minutes.

The young reporters rush to the bank, just in time for Intergang to begin their robbery. Clark wants to ask for help, while Lois and Jimmy attempt to get captured as an attempt to get Superman's attention. Siobhan uses her new sonic helmet to cause a sonic explosion, while Rough House uses the freezing cannon to generate a huge ice wall that separates Clark from his friends. With Lois and Jimmy distracted, Clark uses the opportunity to put on his uniform and rush into the bank.

Superman confronts Intergang and during the fight, Kyle attempts to shoot Superman with the freezing cannon, which malfunctions yet again. Rough House attempts to fix it with a punch, but the cannon's power source, a mysterious glowing crystal, gets dislodged from the cannon and begins to freeze everything in sight. As the ice begins to expand across the city, Lois and Jimmy attempt to evacuate as many people as possible, while Superman unlocks a new superpower, heat vision, and use it to destroy the crystal, but not before the crystal gives him a vision of an army of robots. As the ice dissipates and an emergency group tends to the injured, Slade Wilson captures Intergang.

As Lois and Jimmy attempt to find Clark, Superman tells them that Clark is safe. He also agrees to give Lois the interview she wants and takes her to the rooftop of the Daily Planet to prevent Steve, Cat and Ronnie from stealing her story. Superman admits that he felt inspired to give Lois that interview after watching her courage during the battle with Intergang. During the interview, Superman admits he doesn't know a lot of things about himself, such as his origin and the nature of his powers, but he is certain about something: he wants to help the people of Metropolis. As Superman leaves, Clark arrives at the rooftop and meets up with Lois, who tells him that she got his interview. As Clark asks what does she think about Superman, Lois says that Superman is a liar, much to Clark's shock.

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  • Jimmy Olsen's Camera
  • Freeze Cannon (Single appearance) (Destroyed)
  • Rough House's Gloves (First appearance)
  • Silver Banshee's Mask (First appearance) (Destroyed)


  • AmazoTech Blimp (Destroyed)


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  • "Waid's Cafe" appears to be a homage to the DC Comics writer, Mark Waid.

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