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At the Kent-Olsen apartment, Jimmy excitedly prepares to a camping trip he had already pre-planned with Clark and Lois to investigate sightings of Bigfoot. He finds that Clark already left for a jogging run and when he checks his phone, he finds that a video commentator has been ridiculing his Flame

Quote1 This technology, these... these weapons, they're yours. Quote2
Superman (Clark Kent)

You Will Believe a Man Can Lie is an episode of season 1 of My Adventures with Superman. It premiered on July 28, 2023.

Synopsis for "You Will Believe a Man Can Lie"

At the Kent-Olsen apartment, Jimmy excitedly prepares to a camping trip he had already pre-planned with Clark and Lois to investigate sightings of Bigfoot. He finds that Clark already left for a jogging run and when he checks his phone, he finds that a video commentator has been ridiculing his Flamebird videos. As Jimmy leaves for work, he tries to phone Clark is busy with his superhero duties, while Lois is continuing her investigation about Superman. At the Daily Planet, Jimmy runs into Steve, who wants Jimmy to come with him for a sports assignment.

Lois, having arrived at her office, tries to come up with a way to make Clark tell her that he is Superman. When Clark arrives at the office, Lois asks if he has something important to tell her and Clark brings his own evidence board to the office. He tells her that the technology used by multiple criminals across Metropolis must have been made by someone, which is why Clark needs to find out who made them. To that end, Clark wants to use one of the Daily Planet's dispatch scanners to discover whenever this technology is used, so he can track it down.

Wanting Clark to tell her the truth, Lois suggests they should ask Superman for help, but Clark believes Superman doesn't know anything. Lois says they should still ask for his help, but Clark, not wanting Lois to get close to his secret, simply thanks Lois for her own assistance in his project. Suddenly, the scanner picks up multiple criminal activities in the streets and Clark departs from the Daily Planet, making up the excuse of just wanting to pick up food.

Jimmy, feeling uncomfortable with Steve, sends messages to Clark and Lois, but they don't answer to him. Steve says that he wanted to spend some time with Jimmy because he sees a lot of himself in Jimmy. They both spend a lot of time by themselves, and Steve says they're both "lone wolves" or "mavericks". Jimmy, not wanting to be compared to Steve, rejects Steve's comments and says that he is very close to Clark and Lois, even though they don't take his ideas seriously. Steve wants Jimmy to use his phone to record him when Steve tries to debunk yet another one of Flamebird's conspiracy videos, much to Jimmy's shock.

Jimmy is shocked that Steve has been debunking his videos, just like Steve is surprised that Jimmy is Flamebird. Jimmy calls out that Steve skipped work just to make a video for his channel, but Steve says that Jimmy and his friends have frequently disobeyed Perry's orders to do what they want. Steve even tells Jimmy that Clark and Lois haven't talked to Jimmy because they're too busy with their own things. Steve wanted to spend time with Jimmy so that Jimmy could learn that sometimes, life changes and people just drift apart, but Jimmy refuses to think that Clark and Lois will leave him behind, so he prepares for his camping trip.

Superman addresses multiple emergencies throughout Metropolis, while Lois unsuccessfully tries to catch up with him. Lois finally reaches a place about to be attacked by a criminal group. There, Lois confronts Superman about Clark, but Superman pretends to not know much about him. Lois, wanting to see Clark and Superman at the same place at the same time, handcuffs herself to Superman until Clark arrives. Suddenly, a criminal group attacks a nearby garage, using the same technology Clark had been tracking down. Working together, Superman and Lois defeat the criminals. The last remaining criminal, a woman named Rory, attempts to attack Superman but her gauntlets, composed by that same technology, malfunction and she has no choice but to surrender.

Rory admits that she and her gang had been trying to steal a car because a mysterious assailant, possibly Superman, has been kidnapping people who had come into contact with the technology stolen by Livewire. Superman denies such accusations, but Rory says that her gang was already kidnapped and she herself won't go down easily. Her gauntlets reactivate and she blasts Superman with a stream of fire. Superman shields Lois with his body while Rory escapes.

Believing Lois to be in danger, Superman brings her back to the Daily Planet while he goes on to try and capture Rory, even breaking her handcuffs to ensure her protection. Lois, believing that Superman needs her, asks to come along but Superman leaves her behind, even ignoring Lois when she refers to Superman as "Clark".

Superman finds Rory at a storage dock next to a highway, but Rory attacks him. The fight is witnessed by Agent Slade Wilson, who is dressed in a black suit augmented with technology. Wilson's commanding officers, an unnamed General and Amanda Waller, order him to contain Superman, even bringing two robots to assist him in combat. Wilson, having already captured Rory, attacks Superman with two superheated blades that can hurt Superman, who realizes that the technology and the weapons he has seen belong to Wilson and the organization he is working for. They are also the ones kidnapping the criminals who have used such technology.

Superman asks why are they kidnapping people, but the General replies that he is the one keeping the Earth safe from Superman, ordering his robots to continue their attack. With great effort, Superman defeats the robots and confronts Wilson, but the fight damages a bridge, endangering civilians. With Superman busy protecting civilians, Wilson prepares to shoot him with an energy weapon, but the General tells him to stand down and retreat, despite Waller's protests. Watching Superman save civilians has convinced the General to leave Superman be, at least for now.

Superman repairs the bridge and returns to the Daily Planet, where Clark reunites with Lois, who takes notice of his injuries. Lois wants Clark to be honest with her because she is worried about him, but upon seeing that Clark still won't talk, she jumps off a building, forcing Clark to save her, without putting on his suit. Lois' suspicions are confirmed: Clark and Superman are the same person. She is angry that Clark wasn't honest about her and Clark replies that he felt that he couldn't trust her when she said that she wanted to publish all of Superman's secrets. Hurt by Clark's dishonesty, Lois breaks off their friendship.

Meanwhile, at a bus stop, Jimmy is disappointed that Clark and Lois won't go with him to their camping trip, so he decides to go alone. Jimmy arrives at a forest, but suddenly, a mysterious gorilla-like creature kidnaps him in the middle of the night.

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