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At a mysterious government facility, the criminals captured by Task Force X are released from their cells by the General, who activates the shock collars on their necks and tells them that they will pay for their crimes with a special mission.

Quote1 ... you're no hero. You're the end of the world. Quote2
The General

Zero Day Pt. 1 is an episode of season 1 of My Adventures with Superman. It premiered on August 18, 2023.

Synopsis for "Zero Day: Part One"

At a mysterious government facility, the criminals captured by Task Force X are released from their cells by the General, who activates the shock collars on their necks and tells them that they will pay for their crimes with a special mission.

Meanwhile, Superman has developed a new superpower, super-hearing, and begins to listen to every sound and spoken word throughout the city. As a result, Superman spends the entire night saving people and fighting crime, but ends up burning himself out and drinking lots of coffee just to keep himself active. When Jimmy returns to his apartment, Superman tells him that he picked out words spoken by the General, who Superman believes to be a danger to society and needs to be stopped. He also remembers to leave out dozens of flowers at Lois' office at the Daily Planet before returning to his superhero duties.

Superman continues to help people across the city, all the while trying to track the General down. He catches wind of an invisible man on a crime spree and believes he is being chased by the criminal. Unfortunately, all the activity he has done over the last few days begins catching up to him, to the point he briefly collapses from exhaustion while chasing after Mist, the last remaining member of the Intergang. Superman finds Mist, who is about to get hit by a truck. He saves Mist but damages the truck and almost causes collateral damages. The people around him are shocked that Superman caused an accident and Superman continues his search.

At the Daily Planet, Lois has already found the flowers Superman left at their office, but she has to time to appreciate them when she stares at the hologram device she stole from the League of Lois Lanes. She wonders whether she really knows Superman, until she gets a call from Perry for a new assignment. He introduces her to Vicki Vale, a star reporter from the Gotham Gazette, who already knows Perry all the way back at high school. Perry tells an excited Lois that Vicki has considered leaving Gotham City for the Planet, so he wants Lois and Jimmy to do whatever it takes to keep Vicki happy, an assignment Lois happily accepts. Unfortunately, her happiness becomes sour when Vicki says that she wants to write an article about Superman, the greatest threat to Metropolis.

According to Vicki, Superman is dangerous because he is a powerful individual who answers to no one, despite Lois' protests that Superman wouldn't hurt anyone. Vicki wants to interview individuals that could say negative things about him, but Lois and Jimmy set up interviews with people saved by Superman. Vicki finally gets an interview with Alex, Dr. Ivo's former assistant over at AmazoTech. Alex is unhappy that Superman destroyed AmazoTech Tower, caused the company to go bankrupt and left thousands out of work. He calls Superman "the end of the world" and says Superman is just one bad day away from just destroying everything. Vicki is pleased that she got dirt on Superman, while Lois and Jimmy are unhappy that they failed to protect their friend's reputation.

Jimmy gets a message on his phone that says that Superman caused an accident and realizes he and Lois have to call Clark, who picks up their words with his super-hearing and meets them at the Daily Planet's rooftop. There, Lois and Jimmy show concerned for Superman's well-being and Superman himself realizes that his recent actions have scared people and turned public opinion against him. He promises to make things right, but for now, he wants to find the General, a course of action that worries Lois, who asks Superman if he is planning to fight the U.S. military. Superman wants to stop the General from kidnapping people, but Lois says that Clark should take a break from superheroism and just be normal. Superman ignores her and continues his search. Lois and Jimmy return to the bullpen and find out that Vicki has already turned in her story for the Gotham Gazette. She was never planning to leave the Gazette. She only used Lois and Jimmy to get a promotion.

Superman finally finds Mist, who tells him that he ran away when Task Force X arrested the other members of Intergang, and now they're moving the prisoners into a new location. Mist wants to break his sister out of prison, but Superman says that he will help them in exchange for Mist and his friends turning themselves in for their crimes. Superman and Mist reach Task Force X's launching pad, but the VTOL is already taking off and when Superman breaks into the VTOL to save the prisoners, he is attacked by the new Task Force X, composed by the same prisoners the government had captured. Mist had led him into a trap.

Superman fights valiantly, but is overwhelmed by Task Force X's superior numbers and his own physical exhaustion. Even when he incapacitates a few members, Dr. Ivo drains Superman's energy and nearly kills him until the General activates his shock collar. With Superman captured, the General calls him the end of the world and orders Livewire to knock him unconscious with a lightning bolt. Task Force X loads the incapacitated Superman into their VTOL and departs from Metropolis, much to the shock of Lois and Jimmy.

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