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Ever since Superman was captured by Task Force X, Lois and Jimmy have been searching for Superman all over Metropolis but, so far, have been unable to find him. The Newskid Legion offers their help and Lois accepts. Unfortunately, even with the Newskid Legion, they find no clues that could lead them

Quote1 You chose to be a monster, Ivo. Quote2
Superman (Clark Kent)

Zero Day Pt. 2 is an episode of season 1 of My Adventures with Superman. It premiered on August 25, 2023.

Synopsis for "Zero Day: Part Two"

Ever since Superman was captured by Task Force X, Lois and Jimmy have been searching for Superman all over Metropolis but, so far, have been unable to find him. The Newskid Legion offers their help and Lois accepts. Unfortunately, even with the Newskid Legion, they find no clues that could lead them to Superman and Lois feels disappointed at herself for hurting Clark's feelings when he needed her support. Jimmy promises that they will find him and Lois agrees to continue the search.

Superman himself has been outfitted with a shock collar and taken to Task Force X's secret base, where he is interrogated by the General. He wants Superman to tell him when the invasion will start, but Superman genuinely has no idea what the General is talking about. In fact, he is surprised that the General has met people like to Superman. The General, however, believes he is lying. He was there at Zero Day, the day in which the first alien invasion happened, and, according to the General, so was Superman. The room they're standing on right now projects a virtual image that recorded the events of Zero Day.

Back in Zero Day, Sam, the man who would become the General, and his friend Amanda Waller were assigned to guard a military research on a mysterious alien object hovering above the ground. Suddenly, the object activated and created a portal on the sky, which released hundreds of robots that attacked everyone at the dig site. Many lives were lost that day, with only Sam and Waller surviving long enough to catch a glimpse of the invasion's leader, a man wearing a grey suit of armor and a red cape. The leader, codenamed Nemesis Omega, was about to attack them until the invading army was hit by a mysterious ray of light that caused the portal to close and the robots to deactivate.

Once the hologram shuts down, Sam tells Superman that he has spent the last few years to prepare the Earth for the next alien invasion, even creating Task Force X and modifying the aliens' weapons so that humans could use them to defend themselves. He wants to know who is Superman and why he is on Earth. Superman, however, can only shed tears after watching the events of Zero Day and asks why would his people try to conquer the Earth. Surprised by Superman's reaction, Sam ends the interrogation for now.

Sam goes to Waller's office and is surprised that Superman doesn't know anything about his own race. If Superman's kind ages the same way humans do, then Superman must have been too young to have partaken in Zero Day. Waller believes Sam is having second thoughts about their plans and considers the possibility of turning Superman over to Ivo so they can find answer as to how to kill Superman and his kind, an option Sam disagrees with. This is still Sam's operation and Superman shall be kept alive for questioning.

Task Force X has been returned to their cells and an enraged Ivo wants to kill Superman, still blaming him for ruining his life. Waller shuts down the cell block's security and Livewire uses this as an opportunity to escape from her cell and release her companions, Ivo included. Ivo takes back his Parasite armor and breaks into the room Superman is held at. He wants to fight Superman again, but Superman refuses, saying that he never wanted to hurt anyone. He just wanted to help people.

Ivo, still enraged at Superman, punches Superman so hard that he breaks the interrogation room and destroys Superman's collar. He absorbs energy from the facility to grow in size while the members of Task Force X continue their escape. Livewire attacks Slade and incinerates his right eye. Superman listens to Lois with his super-hearing and gains the strength to escape from the facility, while Livewire feeds Parasite with enough power to cover their own escape. Superman reaches the surface of Metropolis and is found by Flip, who brings him to the Legion's clubhouse so he can recover.

At the clubhouse, Lois and Jimmy reunite with Superman, who tells them that he believes himself to be a weapon of mass destruction. He believes he has superpowers because he was sent by his people to conquer the Earth, but Lois refuses to believe. Before their conversation can continue, the Parasite has become a giant monster and threatens to destroy the city unless Superman faces him. Even in his weakened state, Superman agrees to confront Ivo in exchange for Ivo leaving Metropolis alone. Parasite attacks Superman and absorbs power from the city's electricity grid to become stronger.

To help Superman, Jimmy broadcasts a Flamebird video to everyone in Metropolis. In the video, Jimmy identifies himself as "Superman's best friend" and Lois tells the people of Metropolis that, right now, Superman is defending them because he sees the good in people but he can't with on his own. Even if people fear him simply because Superman is different, Superman made a choice to help them and, now, it's Metropolis' turn to help him. Jimmy asks the people of the city to shut down their electrical devices to starve the Parasite and give Superman a fighting chance. The people of Metropolis agree and, without the city's power grid to feed him, the Parasite grows weaker. Superman develops a new superpower, X-ray vision, and forcibly separates Ivo from the Parasite armor.

Having saved the city once again, Superman returns to the Daily Planet and shares a passionate kiss with Lois. Wanting to give his friends some privacy, Jimmy grabs Lois' bag and walks towards the stairs until he finds File X and sees what Lois saw earlier: an image of an evil Superman from an alternate universe.

Back at Task Force X's base, Waller informs Sam that their superiors are displeased by his lack of actions towards Superman, which is why Waller has now been promoted to commanding officer of Task Force X, while Sam has been assigned a new mission: track down Superman and kill him when the opportunity arises. To complete this mission, she gives him the last weapon invented by Ivo, the Omega Cannon.

Appearing in "Zero Day: Part Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Newskid Legion
    • Big Words
    • Flip Johnson
    • Gaby
    • Patti


Other Characters

  • Alex (Cameo)
  • "Bibbo87" (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Daily Planet staff
    • Cat Grant (Cameo)
    • Perry White (Cameo)
    • Ronnie Troupe (Cameo)
    • Steve Lombard (Cameo)
  • "LanaLang5050" (First appearance) (On a TV or computer screen)
  • "LoriLemaris59" (First appearance) (On a TV or computer screen)
  • "PeteRoss61" (First appearance) (On a TV or computer screen)



  • Omega Cannon (First appearance) (Cameo)
  • Parasite 1.0 Armor (Destroyed)
  • Rough House's Gloves
  • Rory's Gauntlet
  • Silver Banshee's Mask
  • Slade Wilson's Swords


  • Black Zero (First appearance chronologically) (Flashback only)



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