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"Doom Patrol: "The Return of General Immortus"": Larry and Rita become very interested in the secret room that the Chief has never allowed them admittance into, and they are interrupted by Cliff who bursts in to tell them about a stolen Babylonian tablet that was taken from the Louvre in Paris,

Quote1.png No, Negative Man! If you attack General Immortus, he'll press the plunger on the explosive he buried in Cliff's brain! Quote2.png

My Greatest Adventure #84 is an issue of the series My Greatest Adventure (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1963.

Synopsis for Doom Patrol: "The Return of General Immortus"

Larry and Rita become very interested in the secret room that the Chief has never allowed them admittance into, and they are interrupted by Cliff who bursts in to tell them about a stolen Babylonian tablet that was taken from the Louvre in Paris, the second of two such thefts. Just then, the Chief bursts in and tells them all that his computers have predicted that their old foe General Immortus is still alive. Based on the computer's calculations, Immortus managed to escape out of an escape pod before the alien ship that they all thought he perished in had crashed into the side of a mountain.

Suspecting that the General is responsible for the thefts of the Babylonian tablets, he sends the Doom Patrol out to prevent the theft of the third and final stone which is being kept on display at the Museum of Natural History. Arriving on the scene, they see a bunch of hoods loading the tablet into the back of a truck. When the Doom Patrol try to stop them, Larry and Rita are shocked when Robotman suddenly picks up a gun and begins to shoot at them, and seemingly assists the crooks in escaping.

Robotman (and the Chief, via Cliff's chest mounted camera) is confronted by General Immortus, who reveals that he is behind the plot, and has managed to take control of Robotman, by means of a radio transmitter than sends stronger impulses than his own brain. At Doom Patrol headquarters, the Chief reveals to Rita and Larry that he'd implanted a tracking device within Robotman's body and sends them to rescue their friend. Cliff meanwhile is taken to South Africa, where General Immortus shows the human robot that he has amassed his material wealth through secret diamond minds. Seeking more financial gain, he intends to use the translated Babylonian tablets to find a lost treasure, and intends to use Robotman to get it for him.

In order to prevent the Doom Patrol's interference, General Immortus implants a bomb inside Robotman's head, and then in order to prevent the Chief from using a stronger radio wave to override his control of his slave, he dips Cliff in molten lead, and then attaches a wired detonator to the bomb, so that he can set it off at any time at the push of a button. When the Doom Patrol arrive to try and stop Immortus, he shows them what he's done to Robotman and threatens to kill their friend should they try to stop him. Immortus then loads himself and Cliff aboard a plane, completely unaware that Elasti-Girl has shrunk herself down to miniature size and hopped a ride as well.

Taking Robotman to Babylon, they uncover the secret cache of treasure and while inside the temple, Rita makes her presence known to Cliff. Finding a pin, Rita attempts to prick the General's hand that is holding the detonator, however light reflecting off said pin gives her away. Immortus then forces her to use her growing powers to help take the treasure out, as the price of Cliff's life. Larry arrives shortly, after having tracked the others to the temple, and the Chief has finally come up with a plan stop Immortus. When Immortus sets off the detonator, Larry sends out his Negative Man counterpart, who can move faster than the electrical charge traveling down the detonators wire and manages to sever it before it can explode the bomb. However, in all the confusion Immortus manages to make his escape in an airplane. Vowing to eventually capture Immortus, the Doom Patrol returns to headquarters where Rita spends time polishing off the lead that Cliff was trapped in.

Appearing in Doom Patrol: "The Return of General Immortus"

Featured Characters:




  • Babylonian Stone Tablets

Synopsis for "Let's Go - Ghost G.I.s!"

Attacking a Nazi fortress which, unknown to him, is actually manned by aliens, Lt. Eddie Rath finds his squad replaced by soldiers from past eras: a Roman legionnaire, a Viking, an Apache scout, a Kentucky sharpshooter, and a World War I doughboy.

Appearing in "Let's Go - Ghost G.I.s!"

Featured Characters:

  • Lt. Eddie Rath (Single appearance)


  • Aliens, impersonating Nazis


  • The Doom Patrol story in this issue is divided into two chapters:
    • Chapter 1: The Return of General Immortus
    • Chapter 2: The Treasury of Terror
  • General Immortus appeared last in My Greatest Adventure #80. He appears next in Doom Patrol (Volume 1) #88.
  • The second story in this issue is a war tale, and not a Doom Patrol story.
  • From this point forward, the Doom Patrol members are consistently referred to as: Robotman, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man.
  • Cliff Steele's surname is mis-spelled as Steel in this issue.
  • This issue is reprinted in Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 1.

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