Myg is the second hero to take up the title of Karate Kid.

After the first Karate Kid's death, his will is read with a request to, Timber Wolf and Sensei Toshiaki to travel to the planet Lythyl. The planet is ruled by the council of Three Judges which includes a teenager named Myg. After engaging the pair in a test of hand-to-hand combat skills, Myg is knocked unconscious by Timber Wolf and Sensei.

They smuggle him off the planet so that it will not corrupt him, as it corrupted Val Armorr's father the Black Dragon. Myg is brought to Shanghalla the memorial planetoid for fallen heroes. Humbled by the level of respect given to the fallen hero and vows to follow his teaching. He becomes the new Karate Kid and enrolls in the Legion Academy. He later has a short tour as a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes.





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