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Storm Boy was a member of Earth Man's Justice League of Earth, enemies of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Myke Chypurz aka Storm Boy once tried to audition for the Legion of Super-Heroes. At first it appeared that Storm boy had the power to control the weather. But it is revealed that Storm boy kept a device hidden in his clothes which gave him his powers. Cosmic Boy discovered his deception, and by order of the Legion Constitution rule that no member be allowed on the team with no superpower.

Storm Boy feels rejected and over time he joins the Xenophobic superhero group called the Justice League of Earth The team consist of Earth-born Legion rejects obsessed with spreading lies about Superman's origin. They believe that Superman was human and that all aliens should be deported from the planet. The team consisted of leader Earth Man, Spider-Girl, Tusker, Golden Boy, Radiation Roy and himself.

The Legion defeated the team with the help of Superman, and they were sent to Takron-Galtos the prison planet.

When Superboy-Prime returned he freed the inmates of Takron-Galtos, and formed a new Legion of Super-Villains, which included the Fatal Five and the Justice League of Earth

Tusker and Justice League of Earth attacked the United Planets Government Complex in Metropolis. The League was going to kill the President of Earth, "for crimes against humanity", but Tusker and the team are elctrocuted by Legionnare Lightning Lad.


  • Weather Manipulation Device: Storm Boy uses a device that enabled him to control weather patterns. Storm Boy has used it to produce blizzards, summon lightning bolts, fly using air currents, produce fog and generate winds. Essentially Storm Boy can produce any type of weather pattern imaginable, as well as other phenomenon such as tornadoes.



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