Quote1 One man's lie is another man's publicity sensation, sweetie! Quote2
-- Myndi Mayer src

Myndi Mayer was a Boston-based publicist. The second child of a Jewish taylor in Chicago, she had always been extravagant, and did whatever she could to upset her parents. She bonded with her brother Kevin Mayer, who also didn't fit the mold because he was gay.

She met Christine Fenton in college, who saw right through her act and became her best friend. They started Mayer Publicists together, and her keen business sense eventually gave her her biggest client: Wonder Woman. She was a strong, smart and tough businesswoman, running a tight ship on Wonder Woman's media appearances and merchandise contracts. In spite of this, Myndi grew to be very fond of Diana.

Her business deteriorated when Skeeter LaRue entered the scene. She fell for him, and he got her addicted to cocaine. He used her client list to garner more customers.

After a disastrous Wonder Woman fair, losing clients and facing several lawsuits, Myndi discovered LaRue's dealings and confronted him. He laughed her threats away, and told her she didn't love him, only the drugs. He left, and as a parting gift gave her a small bag of cocaine. Down on her luck, she used it and overdosed. Skeeter returned later that night and shot her, but he did not know she was already dead.

Diana went in search of LaRue and forced a confession out of him with the Lasso of Truth. As she was about to take him to the police, a gunfight ensued and LaRue fled. While trying to escape from Diana, he attempted to climb over a nearby fence, but discovered too late that it was electrified and died almost instantly. When Diana learned about Myndi's overdose later that same night, she was devastated, feeling like she could have done more to help her if she had only known.



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