Myra Fermin was a colleague of Vic Sage and later mayor of Hub City.

A communications major in college, Myra Connelly took a job as a production assistant at the KBEL television news upon her graduation. Through a combination of diligence, looks, and brains, Myra worked her way up to a position as an on-air reporter. With her colleague Vic Sage, whom she rivaled in talent and diligence, Myra helped KBEL establish a solid foothold in the television ratings.

Myra was being considered for a position as a network anchorwoman when her career was suddenly and inexplicably sidetracked by her marriage to Wesley Fermin, the alcoholic puppet mayor of Hub City. Upon investigation, Vic Sage learned that it was a marriage in name only, Myra having been forced into it by threats Fermin's handlers had made against her daughter, Jackie, a mentally handicapped child in the care of a religious order.

Upon the death of Fermin, circumstances placed Myra in the office of Mayor of Hub City. Myra was stuck with a job she didn't really want, but she knew knew she was the only one who could clean up the crime and corruption plaguing the city.

Myra is burdened with a terrible secret, the murder of the Reverend Hatch, her husband's evil mentor, that only The Question is privy to. She accepts her guilt and seeks to deal with it.

Following Infinite Crisis, Myra is still mayor of Hub City. Aristotle Rodor refers to Myra as Sage's true love. Renée Montoya, Sage's successor as The Question, informs Myra of his passing when she comes to Hub to help solve a crime.




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