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Quote1 Today, I will do anything to protect my child. I would kill anyone for her. No matter what kind of monster she's become. Our mission is under way. Quote2
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Myrina is an Amazon assassin and mother of Darkseid's daughter.

She served under the Amazons many years as their chosen assassin, but she believed her sisters had abandoned their sacred mission for which they were created. So in order to defend mankind from the coming Dark God, she came across him and conceived his child, a child she was planning to use to destroy Darkseid.[1]

She kept her pregnancy a secret from all her Amazon sisters, including her queen. And when the day of delivery finally arrived, only two Amazons were aware of it and decided to help her as midwives.

However, when her child was finally born, Menalippe foresaw a great calamity brought by the newborn child, an inconceivable war between two powerful beings that will bring about the end of everything. Myrina rebuffed this, claiming that her child will bring salvation while she slayed her own sisters and escaped the island alongside her daughter.[2]

She raised Grail as a capable warrior in preparation for the coming conflict, sending her through many worlds in search for a being powerful enough to destroy her father, eventually finding the Anti-Monitor.[1]

Darkseid War

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When a New God teleported himself to her location, she introduced herself and offered him to join forces with her against Darkseid.[3] She told Scot that she has been preparing for the war for many years, but Scot knew that such calamity will bring the death of billions, that Darkseid cannot be slain. Their disagreement made Myrina decide to annihilate him, claiming no one will interfere with her plans, forcing Scot to Boom-Tube away from her.[1]

After witnessing Darkseid's death at the hands of the Black Racer,[4] she saw the Anti-Monitor retreat to the shadows, returning to his previous form of Mobius.[5] In order to defeat Mobius, she captured Steve Trevor, supposedly the first man to set foot on Paradise Island and using magic fused him with the Omega-Beam energy from Darkseid. She then used him to kill Mobius, and absorbing all of that energy transformed him into the new Darkseid. Darkseid, now fully reborn, proceeded to fatally wound Myrina by blasting her in the chest. However, before she died, she revealed to Wonder Woman that Steve was in fact not the first man to set foot on Themyscira, but rather Jason, the twin brother of Diana.[6]



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