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Professor Myron Mazursky was a scientist who created the Creature Commandos.

Myron Mazursky was a scientist for the US Government who found himself in a remote village inhabited by monsters in Romania while on a research expedition during World War II. While there, he gained the monsters' trust and was allowed to take a few of their blood samples back to America with him to study, along with an infant amphibian girl without a family who he named Nina. Myron raised Nina to believe that she was his biological daughter who he transformed into a monster to save from a lung disease she had contracted as a child.

Back in America, Professor Mazursky was forced by the government to use his research to develop a team of monster soldiers known as the Creature Commandos to fight the Axis Powers. Mazurksy was successful, but, after the Commandos had finished their mission and World War II was won, the monsters were decommissioned.

Fearing the government would come after him for his research, Mazursky fled to the monster village in Romania, where he hid for years until the year 2011 when the Creature Commandos were reawakened from their decommissioned stasis and sought him out. When they found him, Mazursky invited the Commandos to live with him in the village, but only his adopted daughter and Private Griffith accepted.


  • Decelerated Aging: Thanks to the secrets of the village of monsters, Professor Mazursky has been able to expand his lifespan to be able to live well over a hundred years.