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Myrra is a mystic dimension.


 Main article: Nightmaster

1000 years ago, the king and Farben, his wizard, gave two enchanted weapons to two brave warriors: the Sword of Night to Nacht and the Mace of mists to Brom. Brom, however, become corrupted with his power and sought to depose the king with Farben's help. Nacht fought bravely to defend the king but was banished to Earth's dimension by Farben. The mystic influence of Brom and his descendants, the Warlocks made the Myrran people shriveled and ugly.[1]

Points of Interest

The Myrra dimension is connected in unknown ways to Geranth and Pytharia, the respective realms of Stalker and Claw.[2]

  • Zolto's Kingdom
  • Ice Witch's Cliffs
  • Duchy & City of Duke Spearo
  • Melody Chasm
  • Valley of the Sirens
  • Mountain Land of Szasz: homeland of Tark
  • Shadow Forest (Home of the Put-Ons)
  • Floating Islands
  • Tranquility
  • Silver Desert
  • Nexus Canal
  • Black Desert
  • Painted Plains
  • Beatlze Basin
  • Farben Mountains
  • Krystal Valley
  • Warlock Palace
  • Netherhook
  • Molten Sea
  • Netherend
  • Duchy of Psychos
  • Duchy of Thinkbone
  • Dread Domain
  • Dumpos Village
  • Fatefos Island


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