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Mysa is the daughter of Mordru, the most powerful sorceror in the galaxy. She was recruited into the Legion of Super-Heroes as the magical advisor.

Mysa was the only survivor of a group of sorcerers who imprisoned her father Mordru, on an asteroid. But after the event she was aged in an old woman. Mysa spent a century preparing for his return, arranged for Zoe Saugin's to gain mystical powers and manipulating her life so she will have an ally in the future battle.

When free he tries to retrieve his talismans, absorbing the power of some of his other descendent's, and searching for the Emerald Eye of Ekron, which was his favorite and most powerful talisman, but at the time it was possessed Shrinking Violet at the time. When he first encountered the Legion of Super-Heroes, he defeated them easily and sent them away to serve as his heralds, destroying the planet Sklar in the process as a demonstration of his power.

Mysa was reverted to the age at which she first defeated him and helped the Legion imprison him once more. Mysa later fell in love with Dragonmage who settled on Zerox to improve is magical skills.


  • Sorcery: Mysa was trained by her father Mordru. She is able to create and cast variety of spells, creating a strong invincible force field, transmutation, absorbing magic, creating massive teleportation portals, and among other feats. Though the only draw back to her magic was her memory. Mysa could only commit to spells if she remembers them added with the time-consuming preparation for her to use her powers, which could take up to hours.



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