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Mysa Nal is a witch of Naltor. Known as the White Witch and briefly the Black Witch, she was a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


Mysa Nal is a native of the planet Naltor. She was born without the natural ability to predict the future that was common for her race. To compensate for her disability, Mysa trained in the mystic arts on the planet Zerox, also known as the Sorcerer's World. Mysa studied under the tutelage of five instructors each having their own specialty; Air, Earth, Fire, Light and Water. Mysa showed a remarkable aptitude for magic and easily excelled in her studies much to the annoyance of the mighty Mordru.

Mysa Nal used to have red hair, but as she trained in magic, her hair and skin became chalk white and her eyes bright red. This change happened gradually after Dream Girl freed her from the "Hag" guise.

Five Years Later

After the magic wars Mysa leaves the Legion of Super-Heroes, she married Mordru and lived with him on the planet Tharn; the new Sorcerers' World. Mysa was subjected to mystical imprisonment and manipulation by Mordru during this period until the Legionnaires returned to look for her with their allies Rond Vidar.

After her rescue and defeat of Mordru she rejoined the team. Mysa was later de-aged by Glorith to a teenager and appeared happy with the change. She assumed the codename Jewel and went underground with her fellow Legionnaires.


  • Magic: Mysa Nal she was trained by the master magician Mordru. She is able to create and cast variety of spells, creating a strong invincible force field, transmutation, absorbing magic, creating massive teleportation portals, and among other feats. Though the only draw back to her magic was her memory. Mysa could only commit to spells if she remembers them added with the time-consuming preparation for her to use her powers, which could take up to hours.[1]



  • Power Loss: Unlike the rest of the natives of Naltor, who are clairvoyant, Mysa Nal does not have the ability to forecast future events based upon visions that they dream. This is considered a stigma on Naltor and is the main reason she left to learn magic on Zerox.


  • Mysa was raised on Zerox.



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