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The Mystery Analysts of Gotham City were a group of dedicated mystery solvers from Gotham City who decided to meet regularly to solve mysterious crimes.


Some of the most notorious members among them were Police Commissioner Commissioner Gordon and the local hero, Batman.

There was a time when private detective Hugh Rankin tried to become a member of the group by showcasing what he believed to be Batman's real face. The members of the club were amazed when Batman unmasked and turned out to be an exact replica of the bald man that Rankin has deduced. Unfortunately, Rankin needed an unanimous vote to get in the club and one member voted against him. That member was Batman, who had analyzed Rankin's investigation, deduced his mistake and played along to convince the other members that Rankin was good.[1]

The team of detectives were later challenged by a criminal known Mr. X, who claimed to have committed the perfect crime. While most of the members of the group couldn't find the needed clues to solve the case, Batman found that the criminal was in fact Ralph Vern, a member of the team who was removed after the crime was solved.[2] Later, the Analysts solved the mystery of a person who threatened to murder Kaye Daye after she was granted a prize for a recently published novel. The detectives found that the killer was Daye's own cousin, Fern Hunter, who wanted to claim the inheritance left to Kaye.[3]

After a long period of inactivity, the Mystery Analysts gathered for one last murder mystery, which was perpetrated by a magician to frame his former mentor. The case was cracked by Batman and Kaye and afterwards, the group dissolved definitely.[4]



  • Private Helicopter[2]


  • Starting in 1964 and ending in 1978, the group was exclusively featured during Julius Schwartz's editorial run on the Batman title.

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