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Nabu is one of the Lords of Order who inhabits one of the artifacts of fate, the Helmet of Fate. Those who bear his helm become the entitiy known as Doctor Fate.[1]

Nabu was born during the dawn of mankind. He and others discovered a secret of the universe that would one day become known as magic. With their almost infinite powers, Nabu and the other men and women became the Lords of Order, peacemakers obsessed with maintaining order. Soon enough the magic the Lords contained grew too strong for their bodies, forcing them to find a new way of existing. Nabu forged a helmet and imprinted his soul on it, anyone to wear the helmet would be possessed by Nabu, making them a servant of order. This helmet would become known as the Helmet of Fate and whoever wore it would take on the moniker of Doctor Fate.[2]


  • Through the Helmet of Fate: After losing his body from his ascension into a Lord of Order due to it eroding his body, Nabu forged the Helmet of Fate in order to preserve and continue his existence. Despite this, he still possess powers through it.[1]
  • Order Magic: Nabu is a extremely formidable user of magic, powerful enough to match Arion in battle[3] and is considered the most powerful of all the Lords of Order.[1] Currently, he is unable to manifest much of his power without a host due to a binidng spell placed on the helm powered by chaos magic.[4] At his complete potential, he is able to:



  • Vulnerability to Powerful Magic: Nabu's power can be disrupted by other powerful forms of magic, including those from fellow Lords of Order.[3]
    • Chaos Magic Binding Spell: Nabu is no longer able to control his own power after a binding spell casted by numerous powerful sorcerers and backed by Chaos Magic created the condition of the helm's power being operated only by a willing host.[4]
  • Cost of Magic: Due to the magic of order being pulled from a dark source, Nabu's original human body eroded overtime from the use of magic, forcing him to forge a helm and imprint his own soul into it.[2]



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