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Nada was a lover of Dream.

Nada had fallen in love with Lord Kai'ckul (Dream), king of the Dream realm, after seeing him walking through her city at night. She proceeds to hunt him down and enters the Dreamrealm where she meets Lord Kai'ckul and tells him that she has fallen in love with him. He tells her that she may join him in the Dreamrealm if she wishes, but she refuses, telling him that no good can come from love between one of the The Endless and a mortal, then she leaves him. Dismayed, Dream follows her and convinces her to be with him, they make love on a hill overlooking her city. In the morning, a meteor strikes her city, destroying it completely. After seeing this Nada throws herself off of a cliff before Dream can stop her. He meets her in Grandmother Death's realm, and tries to convince her to come back and live in the Dreaming with him. After he asks her twice, and she refuses he tells her that if she says no again he will send her to Hell.

Later, an Endless family meeting descending almost immediately into an Endless family argument. Desire angers Morpheus by taunting him about his intolerant treatment of Nada; Death angers him further by agreeing with Desire, but Morpheus' immense respect for Death leads him eventually to agree with her assessment. Morpheus leaves his realm to travel to Hell, where it turns out he had imprisoned her. Having left Lucifer, lord of Hell, very angry with him the last time he ventured there Morpheus is apprehensive about the task. He sets about it, wanting to do what is right, but prepared for a confrontation which he knows he may lose. Ultimately, his apprehension is misplaced; as he arrives, Lucifer is busy closing down Hell. His final act before leaving is to throw out any demon or damned souls still hanging around, lock all the portals to Hell and cut off his wings; he then hands the key to Hell to Morpheus, to do with as he will.

Many gods and powers wish to obtain the keys to Hell, including Azazel, a Biblical demon, who held great power in the old Hell. In exchange Azazel offers to hand over Nada. After settling the issue of control of Hell by giving it to two angels, Dream then enters Azazel and frees Nada. He apologizes to her, and though he still loves her, she chooses not to stay with him, and he reincarnates her in the body of a newborn baby, telling her that she will always be welcome in the Dreaming in any form that she chooses.