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Nadia Safir is a member of the Zamarons, the female counterparts of the Guardians of the Universe.

Following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Guardians noticed that they were losing their unity and that their immortality was starting to take its tall on them. To remedy this situation, they decided to withdraw to another dimension and, alongside their mates and female counterpart, the Zamarons, breed the next generation of immortals. When the Zamarons arrived at Oa, Nadia Safir challenged one of the Guardians, Herupa Hando Hu, to a duel to determine if the Zamarons would join them. The Guardian came out victorious, and the Zamarons accepted to accompany them. Together, twenty-to Guardians and twenty-two Zamarons retired to another universe until the time was fit for the New Guardians to appear.


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A few years later, Herupa and Nadia returned. They knew that the next stage of human evolution would begin on Earth, so they selected a group of Earth mortals to serve as the Chosen - those who would lead humanity into the next step of evolution. Opposing this plan were the Guardians' former agents, the Manhunters. Nadia and Herupa made sure to gather Earth's heroes to protect the Chosen until their time for ascension came. The "Millennium Project" was a success, and the Chosen became the New Guardians. However, it was also time for Herupa and Nadia to rest. Drained of all power, both of them aged at an accelerated rate and died right after the New Guardians rose from their human forms.