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Naif al-Sheikh was an ally of Vera Black and member of the Justice League Elite.

Naif al-Sheikh is a former Saudi Arabian soldier and an expert in international espionage. Naif al-Sheikh lived with his wife Shiya, and had two children, but his happiness was short lived as they were murdered by a metahuman operative named Wolfwood, which caused Naif al-Sheikh's hatred towards all metahumans. He spent the next few years taking out as many metahumans as possible.

Vera Black, an old friend of his, asked Naif al-Sheikh to join her team, the Justice League Elite, hoping that his hatred towards metahumans would keep the team in check. It took a while before he finally agreed to join the team.

He acts as the group's liaison with world governments and is ultimately the one that can, and does, disband it.


  • Martial Arts: Naif al-Sheikh is a seasoned combat veteran of exceptional skills. He is well-versed in the arts of warfare and hand-to-hand combat. He is an exceptional knife fighter.
  • Firearms: He is an exceptional marksman who is sometimes depicted as being ambidextrous in this respect. He is skilled in sharpshooting and knife throwing
  • Aviation: Naif al-Sheikh received airborne training from the Saudi Arabian Airforce
  • Interrogation
  • Demolitions
  • Tactical Analysis: Naif al-Sheikh solely with conventional weapons and motivated by a fanatical hatred for metahuman like the one who murdered his family, Naif al-Sheikh has single-handedly incapacitated up to a dozen superhuman opponents in a single encounter and escaped uninjured. It is his military training and his attention to detail that allows him to achieve this.



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