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Quote1.png My powers didn't do very much good last time against the bounty hunter. What if Dee hadn't shown up when he did? Quote2.png
Naomi McDuffie

Shadow Ridge is an episode of season 1 of Naomi. It premiered on February 22, 2022.

Synopsis for "Shadow Ridge"

Appearing in "Shadow Ridge"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Annabelle Peters (Full name revealed) (Also in a vision)
  • Anthony
  • Dee (Also in a vision)
  • Greg McDuffie (Flashback and main story) (Also in a vision)
  • Jennifer McDuffie (Flashback and main story) (Also in a vision)
  • Nathan (Flashback and main story)
  • Zumbado (Earth-29) (Also in a vision)


  • The Bounty Hunter/Jaeger (Unknown Earth) (Real name revealed) (Flashback and main story) (Also in a vision)
  • Counselor Jeff (First appearance)
  • United States Army
    • Lieutenent Ramirez (First appearance)
    • Commander Steel

Other Characters:

  • Belinda (Single appearance) (On a TV or computer screen) (Cameo)
  • Camp Shadow Ridge guides (First appearance)
    • Camp Director Richard
    • Counselor Bob
    • Counselor Brent
    • Counselor Mary
    • Counselor Susan
    • Counselor Tina
  • Mrs. Varady
  • Adam Blake (Mentioned only)
  • Ghosts (Mentioned only)
  • God (Mentioned only)
  • Kryptonians (Mentioned only)
    • Superman (Mentioned only)
  • Thanagarians (Mentioned only)
    • Qyeala (Mentioned only)
  • Harry Styles (Mentioned only)



  • Bounty-Hunter's Spear (In a vision) (Cameo)
  • Dilustel (First appearance)
  • The Disk


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