Naomi Clarke grew up in a small coastal community in New England, on the parallel world known as Earth-Prime. She established herself as a successful attorney and met a computer programmer named Jerry Kent. The two were married and Naomi retired from law in order to concentrate on raising a family.

For years, the Kents tried to start a family, but circumstances prevented them from ever rearing children. One day however, Naomi and Jerry were hiking through the woods when they stumbled upon a small toddler. Neither of them had any idea where the child came from or who he belonged to. After making the proper inquiries, the Kents decided to adopt the baby as their own. Naomi named the child Clark, a derivation of her own maiden name. Neither Naomi nor Jerry had any idea that their son would one day grow up to become Earth's solitary super-hero, Superboy. Eventually, as the boy grew, Naomi returned to her career as a lawyer.

Naomi and Jerry lost their lives in a global catastrophe beyond the scope of their understanding. In an event known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths, a wave of anti-matter energy spread across the multiverse eradicating hundreds of parallel dimensions. Earth-Prime and its inhabitants, including Naomi were destroyed in the wave.

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