Naomi Lord is the mother of psychopath and megalomaniac Maxwell Lord.

Naomi worked as a nurse with the Red Cross during WWII. Rani, the young adopted daughter of Booster Gold, decides that she has heard enough about Maxwell Lord that she will tell his mother that her future child will grow up to be a monster.

When Booster Gold went back to rescue Rani, he accidentally introduces Naomi to her future husband, Maxwell Lord III. Naomi, who was a nurse at the time, helped Maxwell Lord III and Booster recover from injuries.

Though she is a kind and gentle woman in her youth, later she is shown as a harder, more stern parent figure to Maxwell Lord. She berates him for not being good enough and pushes him to be a great man like his father. She also fostered his distrust of powerful people from an early age in addition to constantly undermining Maxwell's accomplishments. It may have been her psychological torture that created the monster they wished to prevent.




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