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Naomi McDuffie is a teenage superhero from an alternate Earth that uses energy-based powers mononymously as Naomi. She discovered that she was sent to this Earth to be preserved from Zumbado, the destructive conqueror of her birth Earth.


Naomi was born on Earth in an alternate universe. Naomi's universe was very similar to the Prime Universe, but with a few distinguishing details. After years of human-caused environmental pollution, the Earth's ozone layer collapsed. In the wake of the ozone layer's destruction, undiscovered radiation leaked onto the Earth's surface which had previously been kept at bay.[1]

The radiation didn't harm anyone on planet Earth, but twenty-nine random people across the planet were given access to godlike powers. Naturally some of the twenty-nine sought to rule the world with these newfound powers, while others sought to stop them. After one month of civil war between these two factions, fourteen of the twenty-nine were dead; in addition seven more of the twenty-nine left the planet in disgust, leaving only eight remaining. Eventually these eight were able to call a truce before the Earth was entirely destroyed.[1]

None of the twenty-nine had been able to procreate, until Naomi's mother miraculously gave birth to her. Zumbado, the most vile of the twenty-nine, sought to end Naomi's life to prove his superiority among the twenty-nine. However, Naomi's parents, with the help of a woman called Akira, made preparations for Naomi's escape.[1]

Eventually, her parents' allies brought Naomi to the Prime Universe, where she was discovered and adopted by Greg McDuffie and his wife Jen McDuffie in the small town of Port Oswego. Naomi grew up not knowing anything about her childhood, instead believing that she was an ordinary girl.[1]


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Facing Zumbado

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Naomi using her new-found powers

As soon as she gained her powers, Naomi flew back into town where she met up with Annabelle. While Naomi was telling Annabelle everything that had happened, a portal opened and a large man stepped through. The man told Naomi that he had used her newly-discovered powers to lock onto her location and that Akira had sent him to bring her back to their world. Eager to see her birth world, Naomi followed the man through the portal.[2]

Naomi was shocked to discover that her birth world had been almost completely ravaged. The man revealed to Naomi that he was Zumbado, and that her parents had died a long time ago. After sometime talking with Zumbado, Naomi attacked him, determined to claim vengeance for her parents' deaths.[2]

Although she was incredibly powerful, Naomi was no match for Zumbado's greater experience, and she was quickly overwhelmed. Fortunately, Lady Akira came to Naomi's aid and opened a portal for her escape back to Earth. Although she was reluctant to leave Akira in the hands of Zumbado, Naomi eventually headed through the portal back home. Although Zumbado tried to follow her, Naomi was able to use her powers to send him back through the portal, which subsequently closed.[2]

Coming to Metropolis

Immediately after facing Zumbado, Naomi headed to Metropolis, the home of Superman, seeking some kind of mentor-ship from the Man of Steel. Eventually she crash-landed in a hot-dog stand outside the Daily Planet building where she was discovered by Superman. Upon seeing Superman, Naomi asked the Man of Steel for help, to which he gladly accepted.[3]

Naomi and Superman flew to the Hall of Justice where she filled him in on what she knew about her powers and the incident with Zumbado. The Wonder Twins, who were interning at the Hall of Justice, gave Naomi a medical check up in the hopes of discovering the origin of her powers. She was also questioned by Dr. Ray Palmer, who wished to know which Earth she originated from in the Multiverse, a question which she had no answer to.[3]

Young Justice

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Batman soon arrived and began questioning Naomi as well, at which point Superman had to leave to deal with a secret organization called Leviathan.[3]


  • Transformation: Naomi can transform into a super-powered form by using her unique power, while in this super form she wears a kind of golden armor and gains some superhuman abilities.[1] These include:
    • Energy Projection: In her super-powered form, Naomi generates an energy wave that surrounds her entire body.[2] She can utilize the energy in her body for various purposes, these include:
      • Energy-Enhanced Strike: Naomi can use the energy to boost her attack power when she punches opponents.[2] She can also increase her attack power to be greater, by focusing more energy on her fist. This ability allows her to be able to fight enemies that cannot be touched by physical attacks and strike their "real body" directly.[4] Her energy punches are also quite strong and capable of hurting magical creatures as strong as Xanadoth.[5]
      • Energy Transference: With an act of conscious will Naomi can channel her opponents energy directed at her and redirect it against them, she has dubbed this ability "double punch" as she can further charge her blows with this excess energy. While using this ability her attacks are shown to be strong enough to defeat Brutus with a single punch.[6]
      • Energy Blast: Naomi can release powerful energy blasts from both of her hands.[7] This concussive force has been shown to be capable of hurting enemies as tough as Red Cloud even in her disseminated forms[4] and her nemesis Zumbado.[6]
      • Magic Augmentation: An interesting facet of Naomi's powers make her the opposite to the Man of Steel.[8] The unique nature of the extra-dimensional being make her a natural arcanum magnifier which strengthens magical beings. Nabu the Lord of Order used this in conjunction with other wizards and conjurers to banish Xanadoth from the earthly plane.[9]
    • Portal Creation: As she underwent what was called a Next Powers manifestation, Powerhouse developed an as of yet in developmental stages capacity to open doorways to & from her original home reality. But the process is unstable, with the wormholes created not lasting very long.[10]
    • Flight: Naomi can fly or levitate in the air in her super-powered form.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: In super-powered form, Naomi's strength is enhanced to a superhuman level, which allows her to be able to fight against other superhuman beings.[2] She is strong enough to lift a bus full of passengers above her head.[11] She is also displayed incredible strength by taking down powerful opponents such as Cyborg Superman and is able to match Solomon Grundy's brute strength.[12] While enraged she has been able to crush Zumbado's left arm by applying pressure to it with both her arms.[6]
    • Superhuman Speed: Naomi is capable of moving & react at speeds that are far beyond of normal human. While her top speed is unknown, she has shown the ability to fly at high velocity while grab her opponent, throwing him in the air and hitting him again at the same speed.[6]
    • Superhuman Durability: Naomi's endurance is also enhanced to a superhuman level. She can withstand great impact forces, such as being hit by an opponent with super strength or being tossed into buildings.[2]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Naomi's musculature produces considerably fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human. She is able to exert herself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair her.[6][10]
    • Accelerated Healing: Despite of her great durability, it's still possible for Naomi to be injured by physical attacks. However, as a living energy generator, Naomi can heal herself faster & and at the same time the energy also repairs the damage to her armor but with the drawback that this apparently causes her physical pain.[13]
    • Enhanced Senses: Naomi's senses has been enhanced to superhumans level, to the extent that she can feel slight shifts in the air due to her heightened senses.[10] and gain several other abilities, includes:
      • Enhanced Hearing: Naomi's sense of hearing is also enhanced, to the point that she can hear sound frequencies that are inaudible to ordinary people, even if the sound came from a different dimension.[10]
      • Hyper-Cosmic Awareness: Evidently, Naomi Mcduffie possesses an attunement with the higher cosmological happenstances of the greater quasiverse, able to establish mental contact with her distaff family members from her original home reality with enough concentration on her part.[10]
      • Interdimensional Vision: Naomi somehow develops the ability to see through dimensional barriers, allowing her to be able to see events that occurred in other dimensions. she doesn't seem to have control over this ability yet, as the visions often appear suddenly.[14][15]
      • Presence Detection: By focusing her mind, Naomi can sense or detect the presence of opponents around her, read the direction of their attacks/ movements and instinctively dodge it.[10]


  • Power Instability: Naomi didn't seem to really understand the upper limits of her power and still lacks control over her superhuman abilities as well.[3] Too much use of power can also burden her body and make her faint due to exhaustion.[16]



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