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He came to Arkham Asylum without a name, but Doctor Arkham called him Narcissus, for like the mythological figure, he spendt his time in idle contemplation of his own reflection. He whispered to himself endlessly in a language that no one can identify and he truly appeared to adore himself with the passion of a lover. Five years prior to his arrival at Arkham, Narcissus walked out of a forest in Haiti. There are no clues to his past. The only intelligible words he spoke were those he repeated like an echo. Although he has a human form, there are aspects of his appearance that are unique. As if he is an alien fallen to Earth, perhaps that is why he has fallen in love with himself for he must know in his heart that he will never find another who can truly appreciate his beauty.[1]


  • Narcissistic: Narcissus is obsessed with himself, constantly looking into mirrors to stare at himself.
  • Mirror Man is one of three special patients at Arkham that Doctor Arkham has held a special kinship towards. He focuses all his attention even love to these patients are as such are the most adjusted and "well-off" patients he has. They are his Beauties.
  • The Beauties are a figment of Doctor Arkham's imagination. [citation needed]
  • Unusual facial features and body structure, described as "unique".



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