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Narcosis was an enigmatic villain who invented a "dream gas" that made the victims have hallucinations.

He used the gas on the Batman, who was unconscious and had hallucinations with several of his enemies.

With Batman out of the way, Narcosis made his move on a milk factory, hoping to leave the city in a state of waking dream. After his recovery, Batman and Tim Drake followed Narcosis' trail to the factory. In the ensuing fight, Narcosis was thrown in a vat of milk and subsequently arrested.


During the Aftershock of Cataclysm, Narcosis returned to Gotham and allied himself with The Mad Hatter, but was betrayed by him. The Hatter told his henchmen to attack Narcosis so he could retrieve Narcosis' shroud and place it among his collection of hats. When Batman appeared to stop the criminals, Hatter shot some gas tanks by accident, creating a big explosion that killed Narcosis and the Hatter's henchmen.[1]


Dream Gas: Narcosis carries gas filled grenades and can project gas from his hands. The gas contains Ketamine (Tranquilizer) and Acetylcholine a chemical that stimulates dreaming. This causes paralysis and hallucinations.



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