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Quote1 Jack Knight... I am going to give you such a big wet kiss. Just you wait. Quote2
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Nash is the daughter of the Mist, an arch-enemy of the Knight family.

When her father was rapidly descending into senility, he decided to come after his hated enemy one last time. He ordered his children, Kyle and Nash, to attack Ted Knight and his sons. Kyle murdered David Knight while Nash, who had Jack Knight at her mercy, decided she couldn't go through with it. She would then have sex with him, and conceive a love child, named after her late brother. Obtaining a Cosmic Rod, Jack was later forced to kill Kyle in battle.

Afterwards, Nash was arrested along with her father, but the death of her brother had a profound change upon her, as she successfully sought a way to transform herself into the new Mist.[1]


  • Density Control: She is able to alter her physical state into a gaseous form. With this ability, she can dissolve herself into vapors and seem to appear out of nowhere instantly.