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Natalie was a callgirl, turned into a zombie by Blaine DeBeers to provice services to his zombie clients.

Vaughn Du Clark ordered Major Lilywhite to kill several zombies, including Natalie. The two hit it off, and he froze her (and other "victims" of his Chaos Killer act) instead. She was taken by Du Clark to the Max Rager headquarters, where she convinced security agent Janko to sell her off as a sex slave. She reconnected with Major after the fall of Max Rager, and he gave her a cure.

She traveled the world before returning to Seattle to support Major after a bout of negative publicity over his Chaos Killer past. She accompanied him to a party in his honor, to celebrate his forced retirement from Fillmore Graves. The party was crashed by zombie-hater turned zombie Harley Johns, who would rather die than live on than being a zombie. He used a suicide vest and killed Natalie, Zack Stoll and a dozen others.


  • Zombie Physiology: Zombies are mutated after being infected with a tainted batch of Utopium. The general bodily features - pale skin and hair, a lust for brains and only one heart beat per six seconds - has led to the infected to be referred to as "Zombies".[1]


  • Hunger for Brains: If Zombies do not eat brains, they become dumb, loses her humanity, and may die.[3] At a certain point, this state becomes inreversible, at which point a Zombie is said to be "Full Romero".[6]
  • Restricted Taste: Zombies lose most of their sense of taste, only being able to detect it when it was extra spicy. As such, zombies regularly spiked their food and drink with hot sauce.[3]

  • Natalie was portrayed by Brooke Lyons.