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Natalie Lane Irons, nicknamed "Nat-Bug", is the daughter of John Henry Irons and Lois Lane from an alternate Earth destroyed by Superman.


On a day seemingly like any other, Superman turned on humanity and attacked Metropolis, destroying the city in seven minutes with an army of Kryptonians. The US Army under the command of her grandfather General Sam Lane tried to stand against the invaders, but were easily defeated. Her father was the only survivor.

The Irons family relocated to a hidden bunker where they would be safe from the invaders, but Lois went on television to tell the world about the Kryptonians' secret weakness to Kryptonite. Natalie witnessed her mother being murdered by Superman in the middle of the broadcast.

John and Natalie constructed a suit of armor which would allow John to fight the Kryptonians head on, using books to teach themselves the advanced engineering skills required. John was forced to take the armor out to fight Superman before it was fully complete, promising Natalie that he would come back to her.[2]

John’s attempt to kill Superman somehow opened a dimensional rift to Earth-Prime which he fell through.[3] Natalie created a craft that would allow her to travel across dimensions, homing in on her father’s Warsuit. She crash landed on the Kent Farm where he was staying and tearfully reunited with him, but then saw the Lois of this world, mistaking her for her mother.[4]


Natalie attempted to hug Lois but John stopped her and explained that she was not her mother. Lois stood in silent shock until the two departed in John's RV. Lois repeatedly tried to reach out to Natalie over the next three months, but Natalie refused to speak to her. John and Natalie settled in Metropolis under the names Henry and Natalie Johnson and Natalie enrolled in Metropolis High School. However, on the first day of school she encountered her best friend's Earth-Prime counterpart who did not recognise or even acknowledge her. Natalie walked out and wandered around the city for hours. She eventually came home and told John that they did not belong on this other Earth, and she wished she had been killed along with the rest of their world.

Natalie's arrival had stirred up Lois' issues stemming from her mother leaving the family when she was a child and felt guilty that she did not immediately love Natalie upon meeting her. She eventually called John and asked him to arrange a meeting between them. John took Natalie to Smallville ostensibly to try out a diner he liked, where Lois met them. Natalie angrily stormed out and Lois followed her. She told Natalie that although she was not her mother she still wanted to get to know and be friends with her, and she eventually convinced Natalie to agree to move to Smallville. At the Kent Farm, Lois officially introduced Natalie to her family.[5]

Natalie started attending Smallville High School with Jordan and Jonathan Kent and quickly befriended Jordan's girlfriend Sarah, using her mechanical skills to repair an old car Sarah's father Kyle had been working on. She could tell that Sarah and Jordan were having relationship problems and Sarah confided in her that she had kissed another girl over the summer. Natalie encouraged Sarah to be honest with Jordan.[6]

Natalie started to befriend the Kent twins, giving Jordan relationship advice and playing video games with them. Although John promised Natalie he would stay away from superheroics, he investigated the Shuster mines to determine the cause of the recent earthquakes and he and Superman were attacked by a monster who came up from underground. John's armor was seriously damaged and Natalie reluctantly decided to help him repair and upgrade it.[7]


  • She is vegan.[6]



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