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Natalie Lane Irons, nicknamed "Nat-Bug", was the daughter of John Henry Irons and Lois Lane on an alternate Earth destroyed by Superman.

On a day seemingly like any other, Superman turned on humanity and attacked Metropolis, destroying the city in seven minutes with an army of Kryptonians. The US Army under the command of her grandfather General Sam Lane tried to stand against the invaders, but were easily defeated. Her father was the only survivor.

The Irons family relocated to a hidden bunker where they would be safe from the invaders, but Lois went on television to tell the world about the Kryptonians' secret weakness to Kryptonite. Natalie witnessed her mother being murdered by Superman in the middle of the broadcast.

John and Natalie constructed a suit of armor which would allow John to fight the Kryptonians head on, using books to teach themselves the advanced engineering skills required. John was forced to take the armor out to fight Superman before it was fully complete, promising Natalie that he would come back to her.[2]