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Natalya Trusevich was a girlfriend of Bruce Wayne.

Natalya Trusevich was a concert pianist hailing from the Ukraine, who dated Bruce Wayne[1]. Eventually, his devotion to his career and his closed-off demeanour drove her away from him, but at Alfred Pennyworth's urging, Bruce revealed his secret identity to her for the sake of their relationship.[2]

However, Batman's actions ran afoul of the Mad Hatter, who was seeking a civilian to portray the role of Alice in his upcoming masterpiece. When the real Alice failed to deliver, he set his sights on Natalya. When she also failed to live up to his standards, he decided to torture her in the hopes of learning Batman's identity. When she refused to reveal it, she was thrown from a helicopter, and her body crashed into the Bat-Signal atop Gotham City Police Headquarters[3].