Natalya Zamyatin was a Russian secret agent assigned to retrieve Vladimir, a Russian cosmonaut, who was in orbit of Earth aboard the international space station when the gendercide took place.

In the course of this mission, Zamyatin encountered Yorick Brown, Agent 355, and Dr. Allison Mann. Although they were unsucessful in rescuing Vlad and his American colleague Joe, who both perished when their shuttle crashed onto Earth's surface, their female colleague, Dr. Ciba Weber survived the crash. Weber, who was pregnant at the time of the crash, later gave birth to Vlad's son, who she named Vladimir Jr. Zamyatin was eventually able to escort the infant Vlad Jr. back to Russia and was heavily involved in his life as a bodyguard and advisor. She remained in this role when Vlad Jr. eventually became Czar of Russia some time after his 50th birthday.



For a long time, Natalya possessed a very poor grasp of English. She finally learned to speak fluent English at some point after her return to Russia with Vlad Jr.



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