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Natasha Irons is the niece of the superhero John Henry Irons aka Steel and an extremely intelligent engineer who's begun her own super-hero career using an advanced exo-skeleton and a kinetic hammer like her uncle. She becomes the second Steel for a time, but she gained powers during 52 and has also used the names Starlight and Vaporlock. Her Prime Earth counterpart is lesbian and once dated Traci 13. She has been a member of Team Superman, Infinity, Inc., The Authority, Justice League Queer, Superman Family, Justice League Reserves, and the Titans.

Elements from this character were later adapted into the Superman & Lois' character Natalie Irons.

Natasha Irons was created by Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove and Chris Batista, first appearing in Steel (Volume 2) #1 (1994).

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