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Quote1 Natasha Irons is everything you'd want in a niece. She's brilliant. She's funny. Like her uncle, her spirit shines brighter than the sun. Quote2
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Natasha "Nat" Irons is the niece of John Henry Irons. A young technological genius from Metropolis, she followed in the footsteps of her uncle and became the next Steel, using highly-advanced armor she developed herself.

Early Years

Due to her father's trouble with the law, Nat and her baby brother Ezekiel were often left in the care of her Aunt Lana and Uncle John, the latter of whom raised her with a deep admiration for the Metropolis hero Superman.[1][2] Her brother was kidnapped by Skyhook, an former associate of her father looking for revenge, and was never found. Heartbroken, life continued on for Natasha; excelling in the scientific field, she attended college at a young age and became active in scientific research, at one point being invited to conduct studies in Zambia.[3][4]

At some point, she became well-acquainted with Superman who in turn thought highly of her, calling her a "great kid".[2]

Becoming Steel

Natasha frequently developed technology for use by her Uncle John and Aunt Lana, then Superwoman, to assist them in battles. Eventually, she began joining them using some of the armor she designed, and together with Traci 13 they faced off against Ultrawoman and later Midnight.[5][6]


Titans Vol 3 24 Textless Variant

Titans Together!

Natasha began sharing the mantle of Steel with John and was recruited into the second incarnation of Titans.[7] During this time she developed a working relationship with fellow young genius Ben Rubel after the two briefly had a clash of egos, as well as the ever-friendly Beast Boy.[8] Steel debated leaving the team after the devastating shooting of Nightwing, who was her inspiration for joining, but ultimately decided to remain on.[9]

She became somewhat demoralized after an emergency decision to boom the team goes awry, leaving them stranded across the galaxy until their distress beacon is found by the Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. During this time a major Atlantean incident struck the world; Natasha felt guilty, believing that if she had not made the mistake the Titans could have been there to help save lives.[10][11]

Steel was one of the many heroes deputized as members of the Justice League to assist in the battle against Perpetua.[12] Along with the other members of the Superman Family, she later helped face the crisis created by Perpetua and her lieutenant, The Batman Who Laughs.[13]

The Authority

Superman and the Authority Vol 1 2 Textless

Steel and The Authority.

Natasha, who had continued to protect Metropolis in Clark Kent's temporary absence, was recruited by him for a new incarnation of The Authority.[2] During the team's first outing, Midnighter expressed reservations about Manchester Black's leadership, seeing Steel as the better choice. When the group faced off against fighters hired by the Ultra-Humanite, Steel faced and defeated Siv, a tech-enhanced alien refugee. She expressed empathy for her attacker, who had only participated in hopes of drawing attention to the plight of their people, and promised to help draw attention to their effort.

After the team's success, Superman revealed the team's true purpose: to free the enslaved people of Warworld from the new Mongul.[14] Unfortunately, they were enslaved by Mongul's warriors after the slaves rejected their call to action.[15] Natasha managed to defeat multiple combatants throughout her time on the planetoid, leveraging her earned respect to find work with a blacksmith. She used the opportunity to forge a gift for Superman, a rudimentary "S" armor to protect him while depowered by Warworld's red solar radiation.[16]


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