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Mister Bliss was a criminal ringmaster and enemy of the Flash.

Nathan Bliss grew up in a dysfunctional home; his parents often fought, forcing him to find reprieve by going to the circus. Fascinated with performing, Bliss grew up to become the ringmaster of the Central City Circus, striving to make his audience feel something. In order to shock his audiences, Mister Bliss pushed the boundaries of entertainment too far, causing his circus to be shut down prior to the particle accelerator explosion.

On the night of the explosion, Mister Bliss and his circus performers were all affected by the blast and received powers. With the new power to make his enemies hallucinate intense emotions just by looking at them, Mister Bliss used his powers to force his former employees to commit crimes with him and fight the Flash.[1] He was caught trying to use his powers during the halftime show of a football game and put into the S.T.A.R. Labs pipeline.[2]





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