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Quote1.png I'm here to freeze the electron flow in that brain of yours! Then i bring you to justice and rebuild my rep! Quote2.png
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Coldcast was an original member of The Elite.

After leaving the Elite Coldcast apparently fell in disgrace and lost his reputation as a superhero.

Coldcast blamed his condition on his former comrade Manchester Black, for this reason when Ultra-Humanite and Brainiac contacted him while looking for people to use against Superman's new team, The Authority, he gladly accepted their offer as it meant getting closer to getting his revenge.

After the start of the battle he electrocuted Black and kept him incapacitated while his allies kept busy the rest of the Authority, Coldcast got angry after finding out that one of the other mercenaries hired for the job was the white-supremacist supervillain Iron Cross.

Black told him that if the public found out about his affiliation with supercriminals his reputation would be gone for good and offered him a way out that didn't involve violence. Black conveinced him and after being freed he offered Coldcast Iron Cross' severed head and suggested him to claim to the media that he had single-handedly foiled a nazi insurgency.[1]


  • Electromagnetism: Coldcast has control over the electromagnetic spectrum, making him able to manipulate one of the foundamental forces of the universe.
    • Electrokinesis: Coldcast abilities enable him to manipulate the fields that surrounds electrically-charged particles, allowing him to manipulate and generate electricity. He has such fine control on electrical forces that he can slow down the electrons in the head of Manchester Black, one of Earth's most powerful psychics.[1]
      • Electro-Blast: Coldcast can emit bolts of electromagnetic energy from his hands to electrify his enemies.[2]

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