Nathan Hawke served in the Korean War where he met and married a Korean woman. They returned to the United States of America, and Nathan bought a cattle ranch in Idaho. The Hawkes had a daughter whom they named Sandra Min-Dae.

Sandra left her parents' ranch after her mother's death and began traveling, eventually ending up on the West Coast. She started to call herself "Moonday" and embraced a hippy lifestyle. Nathan was unaware of his daughter's liaison with Ollie Queen, and he did not know about his grandson until Connor Hawke was three years old. He did not learn the identity of Connor's father until Connor himself told him as an adult after Ollie's death.

Though Nathan was fond of his grandson, who called him "Gran," he saw him infrequently. He had gone seven years without seeing him before the new Green Arrow visited his ranch for the first time.

During Connor's visit, Nathan expressed frustration that Sandra had sent her son to the ashram instead of to his ranch and derisively called her "Moonbeam." He was impressed that Connor had met Superman and told him to speak to Superman about his father's last words rather than coming to Nathan for vigilante advice.



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