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Nathan Prince was the second Copperhead, a member of the Terror Titans.

The eldest of two children, Nathan drowned his baby sibling out of jealousy but was never accused. One day, he pulled a knife on his parents and ran away. He was forced to live on the streets. For a brief period he supported himself as a male prostitute, but after he killed one of his clients and stole his wallet, this did not last. Under unknown circumstances, he gained the Copperhead costume and joined the Terror Titans under the Clock King. He fought the Teen Titans and became affiliated with the Dark Side Club.

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  • Copperhead Costume: Prince has a snake-themed costume. It is comparable with the original Copperhead suit, it is a weave of metallic and elastic fibers coated at vulnerable points with Kevlar, making it bulletproof and impenetrable to almost any cutting edged weapon. The tail could be stretched several feet and was strong enough to snap bone and shatter stone. The suit's helmet contained two seven-inch-long fangs which were capable of piercing human skin, and were coated in a potent "neuro-toxin" derived from copperhead snakes. The toxin could paralyze a person almost instantly, and death would follow within 30 minutes.[original research?]



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