Air Force Captain Nathaniel Adam was stationed in Cape Canaveral, Florida when a mutant pterodactyl attacked the base he was in. After the Challengers came to the scene on their jet, Adam contacted Kyle "Ace" Morgan, who is also an old friend of his, of Superman's arrival in which the Man of Steel defeated the creature. Following the Centre's appearance, Adam had a argument with Green Arrow amongst the gathered heroes and soldiers before Superman ceased their meaningless conflict and united them in the fight against the Centre.

New Frontier Captain Adam's Death

Captain Adam's demise.

After Superman was defeated by the Centre and was missing in the Atlantic Ocean; Nathaniel, Ace and Hal Jordan were the bomber pilots assigned to attack the Centre from the inside with nuclear arsenals in the two-stage assault on the being. While inside the Centre, the three were attacked by the Centre's mental and organic defenses, leaving their aircraft disabled. Seeing the chance of their survival is slim, Adam sacrificed himself by detonating his warheads and harming the Centre.



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