Captain Atom was one of the members of the Justice Batallion team led by Magog, who sought to permanently defeat all known supervillains.

He and several Justice Batallion members were in the process of apprehending the Parasite in Kansas. The Parasite pleaded for mercy, but his pleas went ignored, so instead he attacked by grabbing and ripping apart Captain Atom, which unleashed a massive amount of quantum energy that took out most of the team except for Magog and Alloy, and devastated the entire region of Kansas with the exception of Keystone City, leaving it a barren wasteland and throwing the entire United States into economic chaos due to the devastation destroying acres of agriculture used in food production.


Quantum energy contained within a metallic skin covering

  • According to character supplement in Kingdom Come / Revelations Captain Atom was made to look as similar to his Charlton Comics incarnation and his role is similar to Doctor Manhattan of Alan Moore's Watchmen and thereby "holds an intriguing presence in a miniseries of a similar mold."
  • Atom's depiction in the cover of Kingdom Come #1 is shown with his eyes close and his head hung in shame in which Alex Ross deliberately stated as symbolic of his death.



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