Quote1.png I have more power in me than ten nuclear bombs. And you and your stupid magic sword just breached the thing that contains it. Quote2.png
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Captain Atom was a member of the Justice League but did not continue his membership with the League following the destruction of Metropolis and Superman's transformation of the League into a police force.

When the President of the United States asks Batman to stop Superman's Regime, he obliges and is given Captain Atom's name, along with those of other people who have not aligned with Superman. Batman finds him and recruits him to the Insurgency's cause.

Captain Atom later assists Huntress and Black Lightning in stopping Hawkgirl from kidnapping a political official. Unbeknownst to him, Batman actually takes her prisoner within the Insurgency Base.

Nathan later helps disperse various protesters after Superman vaporizes countless Parademons from Apokolips and sparks a cult following in his name.

Atom joins Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary and Catwoman on a mission to the Fortress of Solitude in an attempt to acquire one of the Super-Pills. When Superman arrives at the Fortress, he grabs Atom in an attempt to restrain him. Nathan retaliates and blasts Kal-El, causing part of the ceiling to cave in, cutting off Oliver, Martha and Jonathan Kent from Batman, Black Canary and Catwoman. Captain Atom and Superman fight, and Nathan emerges the victor. As he is about to deal the finishing blow, Wonder Woman appears and cuts Captain's Atom's protective shell with her sword. Nathan tells her that he has the power of more than 10 nuclear bombs within him, and that her sword breached the matrix containing it. In a last-ditch attempt to take out Superman, he grabs the Kryptonian and flies high above the Earth, detonating in a seven megaton explosion, injuring both Kal and Diana.


  • Dilustel Armor
    • Flight
    • Invulnerability: Atom's Dilustel coating renders him invulnerable to physical and energy attacks.
    • Superhuman Strength: As Captain Atom his strength was such that he was able to go toe to toe with beings such as Superman, Majestic, etc. and hold his own.



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